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Brokenstar woke abruptly. He looked around. Where was he? He was surrounded سے طرف کی concrete walls, wooden pillars, and ceramic twoleg toys. He looked around. There were many doorways where beds یا tables lie, and a wierd gloomy growl came from at least two of them.
He had just been fired سے طرف کی Owlstar from the library, and had fallen asleep that night under the stars. Now he had woken up in an unknown place.
Were other cats watching him, stalking him behind the beautifully made twoleg statues, just waiting for the right time to pounce?
Suddenly, he heard a crash, and multiple sets of frantic paws....
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posted by katetekiku
"Excuse me," Leafpool asked, ringing the گھنٹی, بیل on the main checkout counter. "Do آپ have a book on the history of herbs?" Suddenly, a large book hit her head, and her فر, سمور bristled. "NO TALKING IN THE LIBRARY!" Brokenstar Yelled, staring at her with wild, hatred-filled eyes.
Suddenly she looked down at the book, which was titled "The History Of Herbs" سے طرف کی Yellowfang. " Um, thank you." She nervously said, and ran out with the book clenched in her mouth.
This was a normal دن at the Warriors Library. With Brokenstar at the front desk, every cat that so much as breathed got a book to the head....
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posted by katetekiku
Brokenstar is a regular cat working at the Warriors Worldwide Library. No one listens when he says "NO TALKING IN THE LIBRARY!", یا when he throws کتابیں at people. But one day, Owlstar is fed up with the way Brokenstar talks and acts in the library.

"What did I do?" Brokenstar pleads, his tail lashing as he sits on the most uncomfortable chair in Owlstar's office.
"Brokenstar, آپ yell and آپ throw کتابیں at every cat that so much as breathes in this place!" Owlstar says, smoking casually from his handcarved Swedish pipe. "It is unnacceptable."
"But-" Brokenstar tries to plead, but Owlstar...
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