Brucas Lovers {1, Beige} My favourites out of all the شبیہیں I have saved on my computer. Your favourite? (Random lyrics are random.)

Pick one:
like a drunk in the dark, i stumble all the way to آپ
آپ think you´re hot shit
i had everything, opportunities for eternity
we´re all like you, we´ve all seen through your eyes
she works for the weekend, mixtape of her favourite bands
i´m numb, for آپ i come
i come to play, ´cause i can´t stay away
آپ come along because i love your face
hush, it´s okay, dry your eyes
what a wonderfull caricature of intimacy
please don´t let them have their way
remember those walls i built?
if آپ stay, i would even wait all night
 freakiin_ruby posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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