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sophialover posted on Nov 01, 2008 at 04:32PM
So...Nem was thinking it would be pretty interesting if we had seperate clubs for things related to BL.
Like...there would be the fanfiction club as well as the debaters club and the artists club.

Do you like creating amazing stories about our favourite couple? Set your imagination free and share with other members your BL fanfiction. Be creative & show us what kind of love BL have.

Are you good at making your points - why BL should be the endgame of OTH- clear? Do you always have something to say in order to defend our couple? Do you like getting into debates and exchanging opinions with other members? If so..then JOIN cause this place is ideal for you.

Are you interested in making banners,icon & walls related to BL? In this club you will be able to add your own stuff, as well as discuss with other members about them.

Do you sometimes hear to a good song....think it totally fits BL and you just wanna vid it? Do you make your own amazing BL videos? If yes join the video makers club.

Do you like making pop quizzes related to BL? Here's the place for you!

JOIN NOW by filling the form.

Which club do you want to join?:

Hope you guys like the idea...there will be probably be the "quizz club" too but we're not sure if we'll do it yet cause we don't know if people will actually like it.


DEBATERS CLUB: Janni,Brattynemz,Dermer4ever,Cas_Cas_2,saB­RUC­AS,­liv­elo­vel­aug­h,i­ren­e_p­,be­myh­ero­-x,­jen­nif­er_­02,­TSO­YPR­A,o­th-­bru­cas­4ev­er
ARTISTS CLUB:saBRUCAS,ggseason8,bl0ndy,chlarkfan,B­roo­dy_­4_C­hee­ry,­nal­ey_­4ev­er
VIDEO MAKERS CLUB:Livelovelaugh,Sophiaover,Mcewen_Girl
POP QUIZZES CLUB: brattynemz,brucas4ever,Cas_Cas_2,bl0ndy,Pr­ett­yGi­rl9­3,B­L-2­k8
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