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The spot has spoken!

I havn't been here long, but im so glad i actually started fanpop, because ive met amazing people, and this awards game thingy xP is a really good idea, for blers to stick together and show everyone, that we are still here, and we are making progress even though our couple didnt end up the way we wanted them to end.
Anyways everyone hopefully got an award for what they are, and if you didnt get the one you wanted, doesn't mean anything and there is always next year, because we all know were gonna be here, still loving the couple that brought us together!!!

ILYA!! <3

Okay, first of all, congrats to everybody!! =D It was really hard to find winners, seriously! I can speak for myself and say that i had tons of ties, and those ties were broke by just ONE vote. Everything was really close, which proves how amazing everybody is. <33

And i also would like to say how HAPPY i am that this spot is still active as always (even though we haven't our couple anymore and they didn't have their happy ending). I think we teach a great lesson to lots of fans and ships *coughleytoncough*, that when you're passionate about something, you just are, and that's it. You don't need a happy ending to love something!

And now i'm rambling. LOL


Thank you to everyone who voted! your all truly amazing! Your all worthy of all these choices! it's amazing how dedicated you guys are to BL and and BL fans!
You can't ever understand how close everything was!
it was amazing to actually be involved with the helping process this year! I'm so anxious to see the results just like all of you!

Love you all my Lovely Bl Girls and a Guy xD


So another year has passed, and I have to say it was an enternaining year, with a lot of ups and downs! We have lost some people will love and we have gained som people we have learned to love! So the only think e can do is to be thankful for each other, and remind each other how much the we mean to each other! And that is what this award does, it makes us come together and forces us to remind ourself how much we mean to each other!
I hope that when 2011 arrives, we will all be here doing this dorky thing again!:D
I am so grateful for every moment we have had together, and i just wanted to say that i love you all! <3


And now, the results!

1. The fans are just as creative as BL.
1.1 Best Icon maker - Janni
1.2 Best Video maker - Mary
1.3 Best Quiz maker - Mickei
1.4 Best Pick maker - Mary
1.5 Best Fanart maker - Nate
1.6 Best Article writer - Eka

2. We are BL obsessed.
2.1 Biggest Brooke fan - Mary
2.2 Biggest Lucas fan - Mickei
2.3 Biggest season 1 fan - Terra
2.4 Biggest season 2 fan - Nem
2.5 Biggest season 3 fan - Cat
2.6 Biggest season 5 fan - Mary
2.7 Ultimate BL obsessed fan - Mary

3. We're not only obsessed, we're also freaks.
3.1 Eyesex Freak - Mary
3.2 Eyesexage Freak - Hannah
3.3 Commentage Freak - Hannah
3.4 Quote Freak - Mickei
3.5 Chemistry Freak - Mary
3.6 Kiss Freak - Dawn
3.7 Hug Freak - Terra

4.1 Most popular - Mary
4.2 Most random - Hannah
4.3 Most original - Alice
4.4 Most unforgettable - Hannah
4.5 Most sane - Terra
4.6 Most Insane - Hannah
4.7 Most Mature - Terra
4.8 Most Childish - Hannah
4.9 Most Sweet - Cat
4.10 Most honest - Mary
4.11 Most relaxed - Mickei
4.12 Most unforgiving - Mary
4.13 Most forgiving - Terra
4.14 Most mysterious - Catarinasantos
4.15 Most annoying - Mon
4.16 Most indecisive - Alice
4.17 Best Open-Mind - Terra
4.18 Best Complainer - Alice
4.19 Best Dirty Mind - Dawn
4.20 Best Sarcasm - Alice
4.21 Best Humour - Alice
4.22 Best Lack of Humour - Terra
4.23 Best advice giver - Nem
4.24 Best personality - Mickei
4.25 Best swearer - Mary
4.26 Best Gossip - Mon
4.27 Best Temper - Dawn
4.28 Biggest Cheater - Hannah

5.1 Cheery - Cat
5.2 Broody - Mickei
5.3 Best Oldie - Terra
5.4 Best Newbie - Mon
5.5 Best Debater - Nem
5.6 The best interview maker - Cat
5.7 The fan who's really careful with BL details - Nem
5.8 The one that knows all the BL scenes the best - Mickei
5.9 Under appreciated BLer - Alice
5.10 Most faithful fan to the spot - Mary
5.11 Biggest Peyton hater - Mary
5.12 Biggest Mark hater - Mon
5.13 Biggest LP hater - Mary
5.14 Most likely to jump ships - Kelsie

6. Episode awards
6.1 3x09 fan - Cat
6.2 3x13 fan - Mary
6.3 2x09 fan - Dawn
6.4 2x23 fan - Hannah
6.5 3x22 fan - Janni
6.6 5x15 fan - Mary
6.7 1x09 fan - Terra

7. Not necessarily your faves
7.1 Ultimate Brucas Hug - 2x17: I wasn't ready to lose you
7.2 Ultimate Brucas Kiss - 2x23: I wanna be with you.
7.3 Ultimate Brucas Season - Season 3
7.4 Ultimate Brucas Supporter - Mouth
7.5 Ultimate Brucas Scene - 3x09: 82 letters scene
7.6 Ultimate Brucas Quote - 1x13: "People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end."
7.7 Ultimate BL Episode - 3x09 How A Resurrection Really Feels
7.8 Ultimate Brucas Thing - eyesex
7.9 Ultimate Brucas Symbol - Red door
7.10 Ultimate Brucas Couch scene - 5x15: BLA cuddling scene
7.11 Ultimate BL Eyesex - 2x21: "I don't know what I'd do without you"
7.12 Ultimate Brucas Speech - 3x13: Rain speech

8. The Girl Behind The Red Door - JANNI <3

I'd like to take this opportunity to say how much I love this spot! BL have broken up 7483792 years ago but we're still here! You guys make me proud to be a BLer. We're like the strongest fanbase in TV history! Giving up isn't in our vocabulary, and I love that! Anyway, I'm so glad a lot of ppl participated this year. This is our second year already and I hope you guys continue to support the BL spot events. I hope this serves as inspiration to all of you that your efforts are being appreciated, and to encourage others to participate more! Besides, this spot wouldn't be what it is now if it weren't for you. So with that said, I'd like to thank everyone for a year of great fun memories, BL loving and Mark/LP bashing! LY all!

Congratulations, everyone!

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