Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy RECYCLED شبیہیں Contest! ROUND FIVE! DEADLINE is Mar 31st 2014!

LovingLucy posted on Jun 10, 2013 at 04:08AM
RECYCLED ICON CONTEST is now 15 icons long! Ten themes, five AC's!

*You must enter for each theme and AC's an icon you ALREADY made. This gives you a chance if you didn't win last time to win this time.
*I will post themes and five AC's as usual. Your job is to pick an icon from your stash and reuse it.
*NO using others' icons!
*If you get stuck and can't find something, I will make a decision based on what you want to make to make a new icon for the round.
*No stealing, and no voting for yourself.
*Round One will be longer to get up players. Most rounds will be very short.
*ANYTHING goes. Couples, characters, places, episodes, seasons, etc.
*You cannot use an icon twice in a row, but you may use it the next time around.
* Icons can be anywhere from 100x100 pixels to 300x300 pixels. No smaller, no bigger. Icons in your set for each round can be of any size. They do not have to match.
*Any questions? I will post mine now so you have an idea of what to do.

1-10: Pick ten icons and add one thing to it. (Any Season, promos can be included as well) (An effect, a border, and object, colour, text, ect.)
AC- Your Choice

DEADLINE is Mar 31 2014!

Karina Cullen
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