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This Buffy the Vampire Slayer screencap might contain پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ.

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Dracula was the historical Vlad Ţepeş. He claimed to have killed مزید people than God’s plagues combined before he was ever a vampire, and made reference to impaling people in times past (such as those who failed to دکھائیں him deference, for example).

He met and “hung out” with Anyanka, a vengeance demon and Patron Saint of Scorned Women, when she was about 700 years old. Anyanka had cursed a man سے طرف کی making him incredibly obese, and Dracula complimented her سے طرف کی saying that the man was doomed forever.

In 2000, Dracula came to Sunnydale, a Californian town which lay on a Hellmouth and was home...
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buffy the vampire slayer
sexy کتیا, کتيا
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