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This Buffy the Vampire Slayer پیپر وال might contain سائن ان کریں, پوسٹر, متن, چاکبورڈ, نشانی, and تختۂ چاک.

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Alright, well, this soapbox isn't very good, cause it got written in a hurry, but it's basically my thoughts on souls in the Buffyverse.

“We can love آپ know. Quite well, if not wisely.”

So کہا سے طرف کی Drusilla to Buffy in Crush. Those words break down everything the council ever taught Buffy, that demons couldn’t love. The soul vs. soulless theory is that a demon can’t feel emotions, but, if that is true, than how could he feel hate? Anger, greed, lust. Those are all emotions. So is love.

“The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who use to love you.”

It is only with Angel...
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Song: I'm With آپ سے طرف کی Avril Lavigne.
i'm with آپ
buffy the vampire slayer
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