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ToughGurl(logged on)
Butch will rock your world(logged on)

Buttercup-Oh no...
Butch-Hi Buttercup!
Buttercup-Shut up!
Butch-Ok...Gee whiz!
Butch-I like you!
Buttercup-What! I thought آپ like Brute.
EvilGurl(logged on)
Brute-Hello Butchey!
Butch-Don't call me that!
Buttercup-Beat it,Brute.
Butch-I don't want to see آپ again and I mean it!
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Buttercup-At least she's gone!
Butch-Wanna go out with me?
Buttercup-Yea, sure.
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Butch-What are آپ guys doin here?!
Brick-I got bored.
Blossom-I got bored also
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Bubbles-Hi Blossom and Buttercup
Buttercup-Oh...Shut up
Boomer-Hi Brick and Butch
Butch-Shut up!
Brick-Nice one, Butch.

To Be Continued...
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butch:why cant i win her hart
blossom:idk ohh wait آپ pick on her and call her a hag have آپ every thoght of that
bommer:shes right
bubbles:if آپ want her try finding something in coming with her
brick:no no no bro your suposed to be a jerk thats what makes her fall in love
buttercup:or آپ can ask her
every one turns around
butch:oh no
blossom:or she could let آپ do that
brick:wow آپ can actshully fell the acwardness in the air
buttercup:ok ok if آپ just tell me آپ like me i would understand
butch:ok i like آپ will آپ go out with me
bubbles hopeing she say yes brick is shocked and blossom is bored and happy
buttercup:fine i will
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 Bc and butch
Bc and butch
All right all right it's been 1 سال یا مزید since I've been on fanpop so I might come out rusty writeing this ok so no mean مضامین thnx :)

Narrator: The city of Townsville, such a happy place to be,barely no villain ever attacks anymore,that because of the powerpuff girls! Blossom the ppg's leader keeps her team and the city in order and she's the plan thinker in the group,bubbles ah sweet bubbles she's so happy nice to everyone,but very ficty when it comes to fighting,but buttercup she always gets the job done when it comes to fighting, they all might look cute but there good at fighting...
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Buttercup was now a teenager, today was her birthday, she was 13 yrs old, she was not happy, to her growing up means مزید things to be responsible for, مزید rules, مزید drama, basically 2X's everything she had to do...KNOCK KNOCK she heard, it came from her door that had a piano design on it, "ugh....COME IN!!!!"
It was butch, her mortal enemy but her really close friend, blossom, bubbles and the Professer didn't approve of them being best دوستوں but she didn't care, Butch Brick and Bommer was her best دوستوں and on some days like today, was her only friends
"sup" she کہا emotionless
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