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SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) -The wife of AC Milan playmaker Kaka gave birth to the couple's first child Tuesday, a boy, Sao Paulo's Albert Einstein hospital said.

Caroline Celico Leite gave birth to Luca at 1:05 a.m.(0405 GMT), the hospital کہا in a statement, adding the baby weighed 3.6 kilograms (7.9 pounds) and that "mother and child are fine.''

Luca was born less than a ماہ after his father had arthroscopic knee surgery in Rio de Janeiro on May 23.

Because of the surgery and the time it will take for Kaka to recover, Brazil manager Dunga dropped him from his squad for two upcoming World Cup...
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The girl Isabella is yet to be born, but it shows that he pulled his father, Kaka, 29, a midfielder from Real Madrid.
"She will not stop kicking, is moving all the time. Luca (first child who turns three years in June) was مزید quiet," says the gospel singer Caroline Celico, 23, who is the ninth ماہ of pregnancy.
The baby will be born strong legs in May. In March, mother and son traveled to Madrid, where he lived with Kaka for the capital.
The couple has an apartment in South St. Paul and Carol, born and raised in the city, wanted to have the support of the family for Isabella.
The singer plans...
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Kakà and Carol chose the name of their daughter, it will be Isabella! Cute name (:

Carol gave an interview to IG, yesterday (wednesday 6th April):

The wife of Real Madrid سٹار, ستارہ revealed her daughter’s name: “She will be called Isabella”

The expectation for the arrival of her first daughter is great. “She will be called Isabella and be born later this month. I will try a normal delivery , “said the wife of soccer player, leaving out the name of her daughter . Carol spoke with IG after lunch on Wednesday (06) in Jardins, Sao Paulo.
Luca, the couple’s first son, is about to complete three...
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he baby is finally born – Kaka & Caroline have become parents for the سیکنڈ time!

As we could hear earlier, Kaka’s wife Celico Caroline, had been entered in the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo, for the birth of Isabella.

According to Kaka’s mother Simone Leite, her granddaughter was born around 10 pm on Saturday, a دن after the Kaka’s birthday. Isabella was born in Sao Paulo in the Albert Einstein hospital.

“Dear, my granddaughter is beautiful. ? Princess! Both are doing well!” کہا Simone, via Twitter.

Kaka, incidentally, is on the way to Brazil and is expected to meet with the family this morning on Easter.

Congratulation to Kaka, Caroline and the whole family that keeps growing!
posted by kaka99
The contagious smile and look owl Kaka (29) and the beloved, the gospel singer Caroline Celico (23) gave the size of the happiness that they both felt with the arrival of their first child, Isabella, on April 23, just one دن after the anniversary of a player and before Easter. Married since December 2005, the midfielder from Real Madrid and Carol, also parents of Luca (2), did not hide in their expressions, the fascination with fatherhood and motherhood a سیکنڈ time. "By seeing the Isabella, was a great joy, a wonderful feeling. I think she looks a lot like Carol " , revealed exclusively...
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posted by kaka99
For rest of fans: Carol Celico with joy کہا today: Good Morning! With a lot of joy! Our princess was born, God's promise for our lives! Yesterday, 23 April 2011, 21:01...with 3,170 kg e 48 cm!! She is a little angel and I'm in love with every minute! So, I have to thank God for the privilege of being mom!
Again! With a normal delivery and wonderful! I enjoyed EVERY pain, every منٹ which began at midnight on 23! All worth it! On this Sunday of Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the miracle of Isabella's life, which only God can give us! Thank آپ all..for the love! A Happy Easter ... abundant life that Jesus left us! One kiss in your heart! I enjoy the new family member: Celico Leite! Love آپ guys! Kisses!
Caroline Celico is excited with the arrival of caçulinha family, Isabella. The wife of Real Madrid player, Kaka, گیا کیا پوسٹ on his Twitter a حالیہ تصویر of her belly and کہا that this Saturday (23) enters the final week of gestation. "Belly pic! Unprecedented for آپ ... In the last weeks before Isabella arrived! For that inspires a lot about life," he wrote.

Even away from her husband - he is focused with the team in Spain - Caroline always remember the birthday of the player and even told they have embraced the Good Friday اگلے to the oldest son, Luca. "Today the دن started early with Dad's niver. So we went to a farm and saw Luca take دودھ cow, chickens and eggs got caught."
posted by kaka99
Born Isabella, سیکنڈ daughter of Kaka and Caroline Celico

At 22h43 this Easter Saturday (23), born Isabella , سیکنڈ daughter Kaka and Caroline Célico . The birth took place at Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo.

The information was disclosed سے طرف کی the player's advisor, Diogo Kotscho , via Twitter.

According to a spokesperson of the player, the socialite felt the first contractions at about 14h, while Kaka entered the field for Real Madrid. On the afternoon of Saturday, the best player in the world in 2007 scored two goals and paid tribute to the woman, placing the ball underneath the shirt....
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Brazilian midfielder Kaka will participate as a songwriter and backing vocals from a song that will be included in the first musical production of his wife, Carol Celico, as reported Saturday سے طرف کی the magazine Veja.
The Real Madrid player wrote the song "Gift of God" and sing with Carol, who begins a career in موسیقی and composed most of the 12 songs on the DVD.
Kaka was not summoned for the friendly game against Holland on Saturday, and Romania اگلے Tuesday, and will not dispute the Copa America in July.
If anyone can find the pair Kaka and Caroline Celico the cutest thing in the world I am. They are kind couple prince and princess. Tempting to put the two in a pot and take home. Its not melt with this picture of the two with Isabella? Cuteness, no?

I know I have many readers who are barrigudinhas and go mad thinking about clothes for the baby leaving hospital. Caroline Celico chose Silmara. Mariah Bernardes had told me fofurice of that mark, but I note with Isabella. Details on income left over the most beautiful baby! # Ficaadica for those who want an outfit of Ahaz!

The Web site for Silmara who would like to see: link
Every woman is well groomed, well dressed up is beautiful and well produced. But the real beauty that women have and that goes beyond any production is one that does not look like the magazine covers.

This beauty is that woman who wakes up with swollen eyes not for a perfect sleep, but concerns have cried contidamente overnight. It is one that disguises dark circles caused سے طرف کی exhaustion to face another دن of double یا triple shifts. It is one that tries to get rid of leg pain caused سے طرف کی obligations that often the body can not endure. It is one that hides the sadness to دکھائیں strong even when...
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