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posted by littleminx93
Cappie: "You can always go back to your solemate. That's what makes them your solemate."

Cappie: "To the new world gentlemen! Good ridance to the things we hated and may we not miss the things we loved!"

Cappie: "If its meant to be, eventually it will be."

Casey: "In four days I have to go back to school and figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life."
Cappie: "What about your ten سال plan?"
Casey: "Let's just say I copied off of someone else's paper and now I don't know what I'll be doing in ten minutes. I'm starring into the vast ocean that is my future."
Cappie: "It feels good doesn't...
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posted by notesofchange
Cappie: If آپ win, what do آپ want?
Casey: How about 100 bucks? ...And what do آپ want?
Cappie: What do آپ think?
Casey: Tryin' to take advantage of me...cause I'm a little drunk and a lot bad at this game, aren't you?
Cappie: [nodding yes] Nooo.
Casey: You're on.

Casey: آپ know Cap, I hope I didn't hurt آپ when I ended things.
Cappie: Who کہا it's over?

Cappie: Don't scratch.
Casey: [very obviously, misses her last ball...and loses the pool game and the bet]
Cappie: Did آپ mean to do that?
Casey: [nodding yes] No.
[they kiss]

Casey: Have آپ forgotten our first time?
Cappie: It was pretty amazing,...
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1) Because he was her first everything.
2) Because he still loves her.
3) Because they have great chemistry.
4) Because "who says its over?"
5) Because she keeps going back to him.
6) Because she hoped she didnt hurt him when she ended things.
7) Because her پسندیدہ drink is a Cappie-chino
8) Because he gets along with her brother.
9) Because she totally still want him.
10) Because their first time was something she'll never forget.
11) Because we love them, Nuff said!
12) Because she knows his secret place.
13) Because they dated for over a year.
14) Because they have a history
15) Because he took care...
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