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posted by house_fann
House: Where were آپ yesterday?
Cam: we were together, just stop asking
House: wow, direct
Chase: Cameron, wait
Cam: Yes
Chase: Tha wasnt what we talked about
Cam: I know, but im not going to hide it Chase
Chase: So آپ are gonna throw the bomb like this
Cam: Its not a bomb, everybody knows we are together
Chase: We are divorced
Cam: No
Chase: (silence)
Cam: I never send tha papers
Chase: (Hugs Cameron tight) I love you

So we were to House´s office

Cam: We have something to say
Thirteen: What is it?
Cam: We are back together
Thirteen, Foreman, House, Taub: What happened?
Cam: I realised i have made a mistake...
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posted by house_fann
I arrive to New Jersey at 10:00 am and i went straight to Princeton and when i got there i had a big surprise:

Cuddy: Welcome back!
Cuddy: (hugs cameron)
Cam: Thank you, im glad to see آپ again
Cuddy: Come with me there people that want to see you
Cam: Who? House and Chase, i dont think so
Cuddy: What are آپ talking about, Chase has been worried about آپ since آپ left
Cam: Didnt seem that yesterday
Cuddy: آپ met him yesterday?
Cam: Yes and..
Cuddy: I dont want to know is not on my business

Cuddy entered in House office and they were all there, including Chase

House: What آپ want Cuddy?
Cuddy: Look...
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posted by house_fann
On wednesday I went to Sharbet's expecting that Chase had received my letter but i knew he wasn't going to come, he hated me.
But life surprise آپ when آپ are not expecting that, because that day:

Chase: Allison?
Cam: Chase, آپ are here
Chase: yes, آپ invited me, dont remeber
Cam: Yes i do but...
Chase: آپ werent waiting for me

He was there with me and i cant belive it, he was the person i love the most and we were together after all that time apart.
Chase was different maybe he still in love with me but he had changed, when we first saw eachother i thought he was gonna hug me یا kiss me but he...
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posted by house_fann
I was wondering how are آپ today. I miss آپ but i have decided to follow what آپ کہا to me the night we were lockdown. آپ remember? آپ told to اقدام on and that´s what i will do from now on.

Still loving you, Chase

Everything started with this letter. A simple letter that Chase wrote to me after we separate, he wrote many letters, but he never sent one until this one. and how i know they exist, because he told me then and i read them but that is another story, not the one i want to tell right now.

It was Sunday when i got this and it cause me a lot of trouble, becaause i didnt find...
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posted by sahour95
 The first بمبار for CC fans!!
The first bomber for CC fans!!
My fellow fans, my dear friends, I’ll say goodbye! After this article, everyone in this club will resent me and hate me forever! Yet I ‘m going to be a journalist so I shouldn’t be worrying about that. I must dare to write this!
I’ve watched House ever since it came out, and I was very emotionally involved with the characters ever since it had started. And certainly Chase has always been my ultimate پسندیدہ character in House, so to some of آپ that might sound biased, یا bizarre and twisted to come from a CC fan. But I have to let it out!
Anyways, I’ll stop stalling and get it over...
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posted by house_fann
A سال has passed since Chase had seen Cameron for the last time. It was the دن of the lockdown.

It's Monday, and Chase has just get to work, he walk trough the hospital's door and he hear someone calling him, it's thirteen, she say - Hey, have آپ heard the news?- and chase answer - What the anniversary party?- - yes!- - it's on friday- say chase - this friday?- ask thirteen - yes!-. Sudennly their locators start ringing -ok lets go, House is calling us- کہا thirteen, -yes, lets better hurry- answer chase.

Moments later, Chase is in the MRI room with Foreman when he ask -hey foreman who are...
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posted by sahour95
This was jut something I thought of te other دن after re-watching Lockedown and I figured that everyone here would probably like it sine we have the same brain when it comes to CC
Please tell me what آپ think!

Chase wandered into the house slowly. Anyone could guess that he was very much unhappy that particular day, and they wouldn’t be wrong. It was true that one emotional goodbye had made him happy but there was no happiness now that it had ended. “I have to go” she had کہا and pulled away. And as she walked away he felt his دل being ripped from his chest. When she closed the door,...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
We not have beautiful CC scene from ages and i just decide to write مضمون how they meet:D

Cameron:Hi:D Can i sit to you.
Chase:Yeah why not*Chase opens his flirt mood*Well,what is آپ name
Ch:Beautiful name
Ca:Thanks,And آپ is...
Ch:Robert.What آپ will drink?
Ch:C'mon,stand Sam
Ch:O_oif آپ saing.
The waiter comes
Ca:W-h-a-t!?!I want water
Ch:This is vodka.Not gonna kill آپ like sex*smiles*
Ca:*smiles too*

After 10 cup vodka

Ch:Which brand is this shoes?
Ch:What happen

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posted by lovehousemd_frv
Chase was hearing the rain outside.He was lying into بستر when his clock دکھائیں 6 am.He get up and go to the shower.He not felt how much cold was the water.He stay upright when the writer ran down on his cold like ice body.He open his eyes when thinking how this happen.He was thinking for him,himself when was a small boy.He was from the rich one.He was getting what he wants,but every night he was hearing the voice of his father,the voice of his mom's tears,how the broken pieces glass form his mothers glassful falls onte the floor.He was hugging his تکیا and was trying to 15 He was young...
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posted by MISAforever
I was paged?
What are آپ doing here?
Can we talk somewhere?

Why won't آپ sign the divorce papers?
It's been on my to-do list...Sorry.
Will آپ sign them?
Not until we have a real conversation about our marriage.
Okay. I made a mistake coming here. I'm sorry. I'm gonna leave this copy here

We were working on it.
And we failed.
No, آپ had a conversation with house, then came back, informed me that I'd been forever poisoned سے طرف کی him and started packing.
It's interesting how your story leaves out the part where آپ murdered...
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---Plain White T's - A lonely september
Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And آپ didn't mean to love me back, but I know آپ did

---Plain White T's - Come back to me
No, don't wanna let آپ go
Girl, آپ belong in my heart, in my arms, in my bed
Girl, quit messing with my head
Say that you're coming back to stay right here with me
If آپ come running back to me I'll be here waiting
Cause I still believe in a love worth saving
If آپ could see the sad look on my face
You'd be in your car...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
So i just was how we can have Chameron.In hospital comes new specialist of something.Her name is Laura Marks.She will be @only for few episodes@season7.So she fall in love With Chase.But Chase likes her personality and see@her something like BFF(boys and girls can be BFF TOO!!!!!!!!!!!)One دن when they are sitting her telephone is ringing and guess who is this!Of course Cameron.She is her friend from Cameron's past...or is her boss...or is her sisterO_______o..or Lauras patient is @Hospital where Cam's work because patient fell bad and give her doktors number(aka laura) and for...
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posted by MISAforever
Chase got paged down to the front ڈیسک in the lobby only to find that Cam was sitting there waiting for him. Chase was not a happy Chase to see her. She asked if they could go somewhere and talk, so they went into an empty clinic exam room. She asks him why he still hasn't signed the divorce papers she sent him a while پہلے and he says it's on his "to do" فہرست but he hasn't gotten to it yet. Heh. She tells him she brought another copy and wants him to sign those so she can take it with her, but Chase says he won't sign them until they have a proper discussion about their marriage. This pisses...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv

Chase and Cameron at the car
-what we doing?-chase asked cam
-i relly not know what to only choice is to chase
-but why with me
-not آپ want to be with me...

Before 3h
-hI,rob.what up
-omg.Ally/what آپ doing here
-i think we must to talk
-uhm.i not like how آپ are talking but ok
-come with me
-@my car.if we talk here after 5 سیکنڈ s house will know everythin
-will come

2.15 pm,tuesday
*the car*
-so what we will talk about
-uhm.for nothin
*cameron start to drive*
-Cameron!what the hell آپ doing?
-shut up.Please
-stop the car
*cam continue to drive*
-stop the fucking...
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“Robert,” she کہا looking at his eyes. He looked happy to see her, he smiled as a women walked up to him, taking his hand asking “who’s this?” Cameron blinked she was just a child “this is your aunt Allison.” The little girl smiled “oh, the lady mommy and Lucas told me about” Cameron was speechless

~Chase’s POV~ “she’s just sitting there. Laughing with Wilson, wow she still looks good” he tells Foreman. Foreman just rolls his eyes “so? You’re over her remember?’

~Cameron’s POV~ “it feels good to be back, to see everyone again” she smiles telling Wilson....
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posted by chameron4ever
I've lost the hope
I've lost the hapiness
I've lost all
because I've lost you.
because I feel alone
in this world
that is so cruel
if آپ haven't anyone
for share it.
now I'm overwhelmed
and I cry in the nights,
I would like so much
that آپ are here
and can say you
I didn't must go away
because I NEED YOU.
but it's already late
I can't come back
there isn't nothing
that we can to do.
آپ will keep on your way
and I'll keep on the mine.
maybe I can suvive
only with know that
there is a hollow for me
in your دل yet.
and I'll have آپ in my heart,


this is my first fic. xD it's a poem, but I don't know to think about it...give me your opinion please <3
posted by lovehousemd_frv
Everyone is آپ
And آپ are everyone
Each step is yours
Any car which stops in front of the house
Is yours ...
You're not here
But I feel your perfume
You're not here
But I hear your voice
From Memories start to hurt
In my dream I see your image
You laugh
You touch me
I Not want to wake up
I want to hug you
But here
Clock rings again
And again I تقسیم, الگ کریں from آپ
And again, my eyes filled with tears
Is this a nightmare?
Or dreams?
In the evening I'm alone again
Between four walls
That surround me
Our تصاویر
That kills me
Can آپ breathe?
I can not
I hate myself
But everyone tells me that I musn't
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
It was a warm evening. All couples had gone for a walk. Perhaps the only one was Robert Chase, who remained at ہوم and watching sitcoms . He laughed and ate chips. From so much time he was eating جنک, فضول food. Yesterday he was at تاریخ . He want to the girl first call . For the last time he made the first step, he fall in love. And then it hurt a lot. But just now he was very happy.Today he was saved another life. Everything was normal in the neighborhood ... except the woman who stood at the window of the house of Robert. She approached the door of the house and knocked. Chase rose and suddenly the phone rang. He picked up the phone. He began to talk and simultaneously he goes to door. In the phone was the woman that he was had date.
-Oh, Hi Mary .- he opened the door-ALISON?
- Robert,You was told me that I will get back to آپ again and again..Uhm..I think that it's true
And she hug him.He jsut want to do the same

For chameron4ever;)
posted by lovehousemd_frv
Do آپ watch me when i'm going?
Do آپ see me when i'm crying?
Do آپ want to kiss me?
Do آپ fell the same like me?
Like آپ are dying slowly.
I watch it @TV.i was thinking that its never will happen to me.
But.....see me now.
I'm crying only foe a men.
Only for stupid,bleeding,!
Everytime i'm saying that its the last time.Everytime.
But when i see you,i just forget everything.
And now again آپ are with me.
I'm feeling that i forget words
that i'm falling مزید and more
I stop to tinking...
i not know what to do
i not know what i'm feeling
Is this love?
Or i just fancy you?
Can i be with آپ to rest...
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posted by Chameron-lvr
Allison Cameron stood in front of Princeton Plainsboro hospital, her brain wouldn't give her feet the message to move. it's been 6 years since she had set foot in this place, this horrible but wonderful place. the place where she got the job of her dreams, met the man of her dreams and was fired. where she watched him get down on one knee, asking her to be his forever, where she had been Allison Cameron-Chase and here she watched it unravel before her eyes.

she walks inside. and the first person she sees? her gruff and lonely mentor, Greg House. he sees her and smiles, limping toward her "Cameron,"...
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