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posted by claire-aka-bob
One Legged Stunts

One یا مزید bases holds up the flyer سے طرف کی the foot and the flyer balances weight on one that straight leg. The flyer's other leg is bent with the foot positioned at about the knee level of the flyer nestling it alongside the standing leg's knee. The name of this stunt is often shortened to 'Lib'.

This is a liberty variation facing the side. One یا مزید bases holds up the flyer سے طرف کی the foot and the flyer balances weight on one that straight leg. The flyer then grabs the loose foot and bends that leg upward behind the body until the toes are close to the back of...
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posted by claire-aka-bob
Basket toss
A basket toss is an advanced stunt in which the bases propel the flyer upwards (10-30+ feet) from the ہے رہا ہو لوڈ position. It is a toss سے طرف کی a maximum of four bases of a سب, سب سے اوپر straight up in the air so the flyer can perform a trick (toe touch, ball-out, twist, tuck, kick double, pike, etc.) and then land back in a جھولا, پنگورا position.

Dismount from a stunt in which the base/bases toss the flyer straight up from a stationary stunt then catch the flyer in a seated position پائیک, پائک position.

A way to return the flyer to the floor یا complete a stunt.

Two bases will each hold...
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It is kind of hard to see, I found it on آپ tube but of what آپ can see they are excellent!!
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posted by britneys123
Lots of people are struggling learning cheerleading here's a few tips from me cos iam a proffesional cheerleader liturally past all m tests on it 1.if your obeise (fat over weight) آپ should shred a few pounds as if u take up cheerleading there's a lot of stunts that need flexible ,light weight people. :how to do it -drink lots of water usally helps,-doing مزید excersize ,running ,gym,swimming get a hobbie-eat. Wright food (fruit and veg ,eggs and مچھلی egx-) آپ should be flexible and fit -strech مزید and yyou should become flexible quite soon ,or do arobics that usally helps too-you need to be neat-do u think that آپ would suit a minie سکرٹ, گھیرنا /hotpants they will be using these - be neat always have your hair back neatly done to impress your coach , make sure your stuffs all straight and ironed and new آپ should buy a new uniform every سال ..... Try this and be a really good cheerleader pleaze تبصرہ too