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Cell phone pic at 12-14 weeks old with fluffy hair
long hair چہواہوا, چاہوہوا
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This Chihuahuas تصویر contains چہواہوا and چاہوہوا.

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the happyest دن of my life:
it was 12/02/08 i was so excited because christms was coming up
first my parentas کہا "no' to getting a چہواہوا, چاہوہوا dog but then i looked up breeders in a newspaper and found one thats selling a چہواہوا, چاہوہوا for $250.00
then we went to see them at first i wanted a spotted one that was in a basket with her sisters
but it was $400.00
but then my eyes almost cryed of the cuteness i saw at the edge of the basket it was a black چہواہوا, چاہوہوا with short hair.
she was beutiful
now i live happy with her cause she makes bad days go good and she makes me laugh all if ur gonna buy a چہواہوا, چاہوہوا your eyes will cry of cuteness when u see the right one.
p.s: some ppl say shes ugly but to me shes the prettiest dog in the world
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