Childhood Animated Movie Heroes 20 in 20 شبیہ contest for CAMH!!!!! Round 5 September 13 - ????

auroraxaurelia posted on Jan 25, 2013 at 05:50AM
The model for this is taken from SweetPea2007 and LightningRed's icon contest in the Childhood Animated Movie Heroines club.

-All icons must be made by you. No STEALING!!!! If someone is caught stealing they are disqualified for that round and the next round and must ask to rejoin the contest.
-Icon must be 200 x 200 pixels or 100 x 100 pixels.
-Each round will be 20 days long, 1 icon for each day.
-An icon can only be used once during a round, so no using the same icon for two themes.
-NO voting for yourself. If you are found voting for yourself you will be disqualified for that round and won't be able to participate in the next round and will have to ask to rejoin the contest.

***The icons can be made from any of the movies the character was in: original, sequel, tv show, ect. Fan art of the character can only be used in the Artist's Choice icons.***

There will be:
10 Themed icons: each icon will be a different theme. New themes posted for each round.
5 Category icons: one category and each icon must match that theme.
5 Artist's choice: 5 icons how ever you wish them to be.

When posting icons, don't post two rounds together. All icons from one round will be posted for that round and when that round closes then the next rounds icons can be posted. Not before.

If someone fails to upload their icons for the round or does not upload all 20 them the character they chose is open for use in the next round.

A prop will be given to the person who wins each theme. Who ever wins over all will receive 3 more icons for winning the round.


To make sure there is a wide range of heroes used, a hero can not be used again till two rounds after he was used. Example if Sinbad is used in round 1 he can not be used again till round 4. The number in front of the name is the round it was last used in.

Those who can't be used for round 6: (Any guy is allowed)

Those who can't be used for round 7: (Start fresh)
* Means that that person has finished all the icons.

Sign up round 1: (Closed)
auroraxaurelia: Beast (Beauty and the Beast)*
Awinitarose: Dimitri (Anastasia)*
cruella: Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)*
Jessikaroo: Phoebus (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)*
SweetPea2007: Flynn/Eugene (Tangled)*
TheCrystalRing: Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet)*

Sign up round 2: (Closed)
Animated_Paint: Danny (Cats Don't Dance)*
auroraxaurelia: Shang (Mulan)*
cruella: Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)*
Jessikaroo: Sinbad (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas) Not Submitted
LightningRed: Triton (The Little Mermaid)*
SweetPea2007: Tulio (The Road to El Dorado)*
TheCrystalRing: Aladdin (Aladdin) Not Submitted

Sign up round 3: (Closed)
Animated_Paint: Kuzco (The Emperor's New Groove)*
auroraxaurelia: John Smith (Pocahontas)
cruella: Max (A Goofy Movie)*
Jessikaroo: Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardian) {Missing CAT Icons}
LightningRed: Thomas (Pocahontas)*
SweetPea2007: Tarzan (Tarzan)*
TheCrystalRing: Peter Pan (Peter Pan)

Sign up round 4: (Closed)
auroraxaurelia: Sinbad
Cruella: Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp)*
LightningRed: Simba (The Lion King)*
miltonGANZ: Pascal (Tangled)
rhythmicmagic: Milo (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)*
SweetPea2007: Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet)*

Sign up round 5: (Closed)
auroraxaurelia: Hercules (Hercules)
Cruella: Fix-It-Felix (Wreck-It-Ralph)
LightningRed: Lightning McQueen (Cars)
rhythmicmagic: Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)*
SweetPea2007: King Fergus (Brave)*

Sign up for round 6 *SPECIAL*
Can have any guy for any theme. Sort of a free for all.

Sign up round 7:

Themes for round 1: (Closed)
1. Large text - Awinitarose
2. Valentine - auroraxaurelia
3. Body part - cruella
4. With a female who is not from the heroes movie - Awinitarose
5. Movie poster - Awinitarose
6. Flirtacious - SweetPea2007
7. With a weapon - Jessikaroo
8. Green - Awinitarose
9. Hobby - TheCrystalRing
10. Showing off - SweetPea2007
Category: Different facial expressions - auroraxaurelia
Artist's Choice - Awinitarose
Over All Winner: Awinitarose (5 of 12)

Themes for round 2: (Closed)
1. Full body -
2. Shy -
3. Night -
4. Heroic -
5. Characters name on icon -
6. Friendship -
7. On background from a different movie -
8. Red -
9. Favorite facial feature -
10. With a villain or villainess -
Category: First Appearance -
Artist's Choice -

Themes for round 3: (Closed)
1. Scenery -
2. Proud -
3. Gold -
4. Laughing -
5. Curious -
6. Feet -
7. Close-up -
8. Raining -
9. Quote from character -
10. With an animal -
Category: Action -
Artist's Choice -

Themes for round 4: (Open)
1. Sepia -
2. Eyes -
3. Staring -
4. Split in three -
5. One word -
6. Sun Shining -
7. Blue (Focus on the color blue.) -
8. Angry -
9. Looking Down -
10. With a Disney Princess -
Category: Black and White with one color -
Artist's Choice -

Themes for round 5: (Closed)
1. Danger
2. Far shot
3. Favorite outfit (of the heroes)
4. Contrast
5. Moon
6. Running
7. Lyric from song in his movie (He doesn't have to be the one who sings it.)
8. Kiss
9. Purple
10. With food or drink
Category: Spell a word
Artist's Choice

Themes for round 6 *SPECIAL* (Open till we get a few more participants)
1. Drama
2. Initials (Yours)
3. Book
4. Hug
5. Outside
6. Vibrant
7. Border
8. Leaning
9. With a dog
10. Right or Left
CAT: Colors of a season (Colors that represent the season, pick a season or do an icon for each season with the fifth being all four.)
Artist's Choice
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