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I've been planning to do this for a long while and my فہرست kept changing so here it is. Since I created my سب, سب سے اوپر 20 پسندیدہ Disney animated فلمیں I thought it was only fair to do the same with Non-Disney animated movies. Keep in mind this is just my opinion and please comment, enjoy.

20.The Secret of Nimh

This is pretty ironic because I use to think this movie was HIGHLY overrated and was just okay but now I love it. It's a really interesting story. The اندازی حرکت is really beautiful, it's not as good as The Little Mermaid but ارے we're not comparing apples and oranges. The heroine of the movie is pretty unique and original. I mean she's not a rebellious heroine who wants more, she's not a total kicka** hardcore heroine, she's not your typical kind heroine, she's not your typical damsel in distress who always needs to be saved, she's not a heroine who claims and tries to be a bada** but always needs saving, یا a heroine who seems weak and helpless but proves herself later. She's kind but has her limits, cowardly but doesn't let that stop her, needs saving but can also save herself, and is a great mother who'll stop at nothing to save her son, though at times she's a bit irritating. The action scenes are really great. I love Mrs. Brisby, her kids(except Martin), Nicodemus, and Justin. Unfortunately that's it, the rest are either bland یا irritating, I especially hate Jeremy, he's so ANNOYING. Also it bugs me how Mrs. Brisby doesn't even have a name. What the heck is her first name? Is she not interesting enough to have her own name? Plus since when does become intelligent mean rats also have magic? Plus the villain is really minor and lame and the climax was also lame. Also unlike most people I hate the Great Owl. I mean before he knows who Mrs. Brisby is he's all like "I don't care that there's a dying child. Oh wait! Your Johnathon Brisby's wife? Well that changes things, I suddenly care!" what a jacka**. Plus has he ever heard of personal space. Also the cat was ridiculous! I mean what is with Don Bluth and making monster cats? Cats aren'y mindless animals that roar like a T-rex. His cats are like the cat versions of the Sharptooth from The Land Before Time. But while this movie has it's problems and BOY DOES IT EVER, I'd be lying if I کہا I didn't enjoy the heck out of this movie. The great stuff about it is just to great. I'm glad I changed my opinion of it and I absolutely LOVE it. I understand the hype it gets now, it's a great movie and I highly recommend it.

19.We're Back: A Dinosaur Story

I know to some this is considered a bad movie but to me it's a really entertaining movie. I enjoyed it as a kid and I still enjoy it. The characters are all great and I like the animation. It has some really great humor, especially with the clown, mostly in his "I QUIT" scene. Wouldn't we all like to do that when we quit a job we hate? Also with Cecilia آپ really feel bad for her. Usually we only feel bad for girls with tragic lives like Cinderella but Cecilia's is really sad too. Sure she's a rich girl but her parents ignore and don't spend any time with her. What does being rich and living in an amazing house if you're all alone in it. The villain actually use to scare me as a kid and he's still pretty scary. This movie is really entertaining and amazing. As a kid I wished I could jump in and شامل میں the kids on their adventure. However the movie does have it's problems. Like the idea of talking dinosaurs brought back in time taken to New York City is kind of silly but at the same time works. At times it's silly and a bit too childish with problems but still really good.

18.The Pagemaster

Okay this might kind of be cheating because part of the movie is in live-action but it's animated for most of the movie so it works. The اندازی حرکت is absolutely fantastic. The film includes the kid from ہوم Alone and Woopi Goldburg. Fantasy is definitely the best character in the movie, she's so funny, sassy, and witty. I think all four of the main characters are great. Sure Richard is kind of annoying at times but he grows and learns to have مزید of a spine and be مزید of a kid. The action scenes and climax are awesome. This movie shows that reading can be like an adventure but to also try not to read too much. Plus the scene with Mr. Hyde scared the heck out of me as a kid and it still scares me a lot. Every time I watch it I get paranoid for a few days. Plus it features one of the best songs in a animated film, سب, سب سے اوپر 10 easily, Whatever آپ Imagine. Oh my gosh it's such an amazing song. The reason it's not higher is because after I watched the Nostalgia Critic's review he made some really good points. Mostly about the mixed message about not reading too much and getting kids to read. Plus compared to the others it's kind of bland but the stuff that's good is just too good.


I know a lot of people don't think this is a very good movie but to me it's fantastic. Sure it's a Disney copy but it's not like Disney owns the Disney formula and other companies can't use it. The characters are great, especially Thumbelina. She's a sweet and charming character but is also realistic. When she hears her prince is dead she decides instead of being like some of the Disney Princesses that she'd just try to اقدام on and not to just believe for no apparent reason that he's still alive. Also I love how she's the one who saves herself in the end. The only character that's bad is that stupid bird, he's so annoying. The couple is also really good, though they don't know each other that long. But ارے Aurora and Phillip spend even less time together and hardly say any words to each other and people love them. The songs are absolutely amazing, except Marry The تل, مول and Follow Your Heart. The اندازی حرکت is also really beautiful and Jodi Benson's voice is absolutely perfect as usual. However this movie does have it's problems. Like for one the plot whole that Thumbelina could've just gotten on the bird to fly her ہوم in the first place, it would've been better if the bird didn't دکھائیں up until closer to the end like in the original story. There's also some of the weird stuff like the Mama Toad, when I showed this to my best friend she was freaking out and was all like "WHAT THE HECK?". Plus I kind of hate how Thumbelina at the end kind of says Cornelius isn't coming back and it's impossible and he just shows up. Kind of make her seem weak and doesn't work for a happy ending. Though آپ can argue that she was probably going to find herself a new happy ending when she went home. So while this movie is weird and has problems it's just too good.

16.The Land Before Time 5: The Mysterious Island

What can I say? I'm a Land Before Time child! However I'm not going to include all six Land Before Time فلمیں that I love, the ones after the sixth movie aren't worth watching یا to be considered canon. Anyway I love how this movie has that whole survival thing about it that the original had. The valley's plantation gets destroyed سے طرف کی a swarm of locus so they have to leave until The Great Valley is great again. However there's a lot of fighting between races and the kids go off to do solve the problem for themselves. I love the great continuity with having Chomper return from the سیکنڈ movie. I also love the conflict with the whole Sharptooth thing and how they actually showed a shark. Plus the fact that they actually دکھائیں blood in the movie gives it extra bonus points. It's entertaining just like all six of The Land Before Time فلمیں I love. Plus good action scenes. However it's flaws are the songs, except for Always There, although it's too cutesy. The songs are too childish and The Land Before Time just shouldn't be a musical. Plus you'd think Littlefoot would be a little prejudice towards Sharpteeth because one killed his mother. Plus a flaw is Cera is back to being annoying. I mean in the original she horrible but changes in the last few منٹ of the movie, in the سیکنڈ annoying but not as much, in the third I actually like her because she's changes and is entertaining, the forth she's okay, and here she's back to being a brat. You'd think they'd have her change but now she's a brat again and still pretty racist. مجموعی طور پر great movie!

15.Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas

I remember when I saw a kid I really wanted to watch this but it turned out the دن we were suppose to go it wasn't out yet and I was really upset. After I saw it I really loved it but I hated the character Sinbad and after all these years I still hate him. Ironic that my least پسندیدہ thing about the movie Sinbad is Sinbad himself. I mean he was going to let his friend die after he risked his life to save his. If it wasn't for مرینا Proteus would be dead. The rest of the characters are great I love all of them, except Sinbad. The اندازی حرکت is absolutely gorgeous and it's a shame Dreamworks stopped doing 2-D اندازی حرکت after this movie. It maye not have any songs but the موسیقی score is absolutely amazing. مرینا is a great character and is absolutely gorgeous, Sinbad doesn't deserve such an amazing and beautiful girl. Eris is stunning too and is animated amazingly. I don't know who was in charge of animating Eris but whoever it was give them Oscars. The adventures are also really great and entertaining. However the flaws are besides Sinbad himself is that it's too short. I mean I wish there was like two یا three مزید adventures in the movie. If it was longer there could be مزید emotion and it wouldn't seem so rushed. I mean the slow moments are really rushed and I don't feel like Sinbad changed, I feel like it came out of no where. The couple is rushed, they were fighting one منٹ and then they're in love out of no where. Sinbad may have already been in love with her but that was only for her looks, he didn't know her at all. So it seems like it's مزید of just action. آپ know I hate Wall-E because for one it has too many slow moments well this movie is too much action.

14.The Polar Express

This movie is an underrated Christmas classic. I mean this movie to me is just absolutely amazing and I don't know why it doesn't get the attention it deserves. I love how this movie makes the characters look so realistic, they look great and like characters that would be in the Shrek movies. If only Mars Needs Moms and A Christmas Carol were like this, they makes their characters look weird while this movie makes them look great. The اندازی حرکت is absolutely gorgeous. The action scenes are amazing too and put me at the edge of my seat. It also has some really good slow moments, آپ really feel bad for the kid and how he's struggling with his belief in Santa. The three main kids are really great and seem like real kids. The songs in the movie, especially the end credit song Believe, are really great. However the movie has it's problems. The main one is that the kids, except Billy, don't have names. I mean come on, the two main characters don't have names? Is it that hard to give them names? Plus the others I don't know just have that certain something that makes them better. But this movie is definitely amazing and will always be one of my پسندیدہ Christmas movies.

13.The سوان, ہنس Princess 2: Escape from قلعہ Mountain

In my opinion this is one of the best animated sequels in existence and does justice to the original as a believable story. The characters personalities are the same and the اندازی حرکت is pretty good too. The villain is awesome and has an awesome villain song. Why is it The سوان, ہنس Princess villains all three have such amazing villain songs? I love how Odette actually becomes مزید heroic and proactive in this movie. Also Queen Uberta is absolutely HILARIOUS in this movie. Every time she's onscreen she makes me laugh so hard that it hurts. She's an entertaining damsel in distress making the villain regret he ever kidnapped her and the evil minion work for her. The third movie is good too but not as good as the first two. However it does have it's problems. The songs are really cheesy and bland, except the villains song. The version of Far Longer Than Forever was good but out of all three versions of The سوان, ہنس Princess it's my least favorite. Also Derek is really stupid, I love آپ Derek but you're such an idiot. I mean in all the فلمیں he does something stupid, you'd think he'd learn. It's not as good as the original but it's still really great.


Yet another underrated animated classic. I remember as a kid I absolutely loved it and would watch it over and over again. I'm sorry to say that I did drift away from it but a few months پہلے I re-watched it and my love for it is stronger than ever. The characters are great, except for Steel. Balto is an amazing character and I can really feel for him and how he doesn't fit in. The romance is nice, nothing special but it's better than overrated dog couples like Lady and The Tramp. The اندازی حرکت is great and the action scenes are amazing. It's a wonderful adventure it really does justice the the real life story about Balto and how he saved the lives of hundreds of children. Jenna is actually a pretty good character, she's strong and actually does some things that are useful. She's pretty impressive for a character that's unnecessary and her only purpose is to be Balto's love interest. However a major downfall is the lame villain. He's basically the dog version of Gaston. I guess compared to the others it's just not as good.

11.The Iron Giant

I remember when I first saw this as a kid. I was at my grandma's house and I wanted to watch a movie and I picked it out but I didn't know what it was, back than I would watch anything animated. Ever since then I've been in love with this movie and I would do anything to watch this movie. I would sometimes get to take it ہوم with me and I'd be sad when I had to give it back. The characters are great, except Kent. The اندازی حرکت is nice and unique looking. I just love every aspect of this story and sometimes when I was a kid I would sneak off into the woods as a kid to look for the giant, but I never found him. It's hard to explain how much I love this movie, it's just that good. It has some great action and emotional scenes. The downfall is the villain, so lame and annoying. Also I wish they had explained about Hogarth's dad, that would've been great. Compared to the others it's just kind of bland but still great.

10.The Croods

When I first saw the trailer for this movie I really had my doubts about it and thought it would just be your average CGI film and just an ordinary Dreamworks movie. When the critics کہا it was an animated Avatar and the اگلے How To Train Your Dragon I wasn't impressed, in fact I was even مزید discouraged. I didn't like How To Train Your Dragon and never will and I always hear people say how much they hate Avatar. However to my surprise this movie was absolutely amazing. It was absolutely hilarious and a fantastic adventure. Dreamworks really surprised me with how great it is. The characters are all great, except the father and brother. The romance is really great too and has a lot of chemistry. It also has a lot of great action and emotion. My mom's friend went to see it and she کہا she was crying during it. my mouth was dropped with how gorgeous the اندازی حرکت was. I won't give away too much of it in case آپ haven't seen it but I highly recommend it. The reason it's not higher is because the others are just better.

9.The Prince of Egypt

I use to think this movie was overrated but now I see that I was clearly wrong. This movie is absolutely amazing and I can't believe I ever thought anything less than that. First of all the اندازی حرکت is absolutely gorgeous, whoever did the اندازی حرکت for this movie give them a thousand Oscars. The songs are all amazing, especially When آپ Believe. Every single song gives me goosebumps and I think they surpass most of the Disney songs. The characters are also great and very well developed. آپ can really feel how Moses and Ramses really hate that they have to fight each other but know they have duties that makes them. This movie is absolutely phenomenal but unfortunately really sad too. I mean seriously the movie is sad in general and I'm glad I didn't grow up with it as a kid because I just would've been sad all the time. At this age I appreciate it مزید than I would if I was a kid. This film is pretty dark and I like that and doesn't sugar code how this real event happened, except for maybe the singing. Anyway it's not higher because it's just too sad.

8.The Land Before Time 4: Journey Through The Mists

Like I کہا I'm a Land Before Time child and I always have been. Anyway I think out of all The Land Before Time sequels it's definitely the best. It's a very original story and it's a great adventure. I love how Littlefoot is determined to find the night پھول to save his grandpa's life. It really makes me admire and love him even مزید than I already do. I also think the villains are pretty cool. I actually like all of the songs, this is the only Land Before Time sequel where I like all of the songs. Cera is actually okay in this movie. There's racism in this movie but surprisingly it's not coming from Cera it's actually from our sequel heroine Ali. However unlike with Cera it's mostly because she just hasn't been around any other dinosaurs and was just afraid of them because she's really shy. She is kind of annoying with that whole "I've never actually seen the night flower" and "We've moved around so much I've forgotten where I've been" but مجموعی طور پر she's a decently likable character. She is charming and curious. It's not nearly as good as the original but it's still great. I guess it's not higher because it's a little childish compared to the others.

7.Quest For Camelot

I know many people don't like this movie but I've always loved this movie since I first saw it as a kid. First of all I absolutely love all the songs, even the villain song and the two headed dragon song. I absolutely love Kayley to death, I think she's a great character and a total bada**. Sure people usually see her as a damsel in distress but I don't see it at all. Sure she gets saved سے طرف کی a blind man but Aang got saved سے طرف کی a blind girl several times too and I don't hear anyone criticizing him. Besides she was just starting out and learns that it takes مزید than just strength to get save the دن but intelligence and at time patience. Plus she eventually saved the the group, herself, Arthur, and let's not forget all of Camelot. Also she's gorgeous! The characters are great, except Ruber and Garret. I think Ruber is just too over the سب, سب سے اوپر and Garret is just kind of a jerk and too whiny. I think the adventure is absolutely amazing and while it is kind of copying Disney it's not like Disney is the only company that's allowed to do something like this. However somethings that aren't good is that the villain is kind of weak and the couple is rushed and kind of comes out of no where. مجموعی طور پر a great movie but the others are just better.


I'm not a big Dreamworks پرستار but this film was my childhood as a kid and now that I understand the jokes I love it even more. The characters are really great and original. I love how this is a satire of fairy-tales and makes fun of it, especially the whole princess thing with Fiona. I love that the character look very realistic, it's something آپ don't see much of in CGI films. I love how this is kind of a reversed Beauty and The Beast situation, instead of the monster becoming a handsome guy it's the beautiful girl becoming a monster. Shrek is really entertaining as a character and him with Donkey are not just great characters but also a great duo. Fiona is also a great and well developed character, she goes from a spoiled and bratty princess to a mature and strong young woman. Plus that scene where she beats up Robin ڈاکو, ہڈ and his marry men was EPIC. She's drop dead gorgeous to boot and as a kid when I first saw the movie I was very interested in the secret she was trying to hide and was surprised when I found it out. The romance between Shrek and Fiona is also great, though kind of rushed. I wish the movie was longer because it would've been better and not so cluttered and rushed. Plus the villain isn't very good یا interesting.

5.Shrek 2

Yep, I've always preferred the sequel over the original. To me it just surpasses the original سے طرف کی far. The characters are even مزید well-developed and I love the new characters, especially Puss In Boots. I mean every single thing about the movie is amazing. I love how they make the fairy godmother different from the tradition Cinderella fairy godmother. She's not your kind and sweet fairy godmother she's that manipulative and controlling celebrity fairy godmother. The climax and the song I Need A Hero are amazing. The اندازی حرکت has even improved and makes Fiona look even مزید gorgeous than she was before. The villain is great! I love the satire and the development. I love seeing where Fiona came from and how her parents react to seeing her as an ogre. Every single thing about this movie is just amazing and epic that I can't even describe. It's not higher because the others are actually in my سب, سب سے اوپر 10 پسندیدہ فلمیں of all time.

4.The Land Before Time

Oh my gosh I have so much nostalgia from watching this as a kid. I love every single thing about this movie. When Littlefoot's mother dies it's just so heartbreaking and as a kid it had me crying to my mother. The اندازی حرکت is beautiful, especially for something in the 80's. The fight scene between the Sharptooth and Littlefoot's mother was absolutely EPIC. The score was amazing and the end credit song was beautiful. I love all the character, except for Cera and her father. The villain is actually really awesome. I mean he basically represents all the danger of the world and stops at nothing to get these kids, that's pretty hardcore for a mindless creature. Littlefoot for me is the best character in the movie, he's such a strong and great leader. I love how this doesn't sugar code the story of the dinosaurs, unless آپ count the happy ending. Anyway it's brutally honest and hardcore. This movie is a total classic and I'm in love with it. It's not higher because the others are just better.

3.Rise of The Guardians

I can't believe that this movie kicked The Land Before Time out of my سب, سب سے اوپر 3 and replaced Shrek 2 as my پسندیدہ Dreamworks movie, it's just that amazing. I mean for one I have to say the اندازی حرکت in this movie is absolutely gorgeous, the best اندازی حرکت of all computer animated movies. I absolutely love all the characters, there's not one that I don't love. Jack is especially an amazing and complex character. I love his back story and really feel bad for him. The villain is also really interesting and pretty complex too. I love how this movie has the perfect amount of action and slow moments. I don't find this movie rushed and lacking slow moments AT ALL like other people do. However my problem with it is that it doesn't really tell the back story on the other guardians یا Pitch, I think that would be really interesting. I feel like that was the only thing it was really lacking. Also one problem I have is if when the guardians were weak and Bunny turned back to a normal bunny than why didn't Tooth turn back into a normal human? I really wanted to see her turn human and thought it would match. Also I think it was ridiculous making Tooth a humming bird, it's kind of hard to take the movie seriously. Plus I just have مزید nostalgia from the other two. Also I have to say this movie is a MILLION time better than Brave and Wreck-It Ralph.

2.The سوان, ہنس Princess

I know a lot of people don't like this movie but I don't give a rats hat, I absolutely love this movie. First of all I absolutely love all the characters and the songs are all amazing. The اندازی حرکت is beautiful, especially with Odette's transformation. That one piece of اندازی حرکت is better than most of the Disney animation. The villain is really great, he's cruel, clever, and really enjoys what he does. Odette is a great character and I love how she stands up to Rothbart and refuses to let him have her father's kingdom. Plus she's one of the most gorgeous animated characters in existence, سب, سب سے اوپر 5 easily. Odette and Derek are the best Non-Disney couple in existence. I love how they actually know each other for years and develop. When Odette dies I just feel such sad emotion. Sure it's basically a Disney film but there's no reason Non-Disney فلمیں can't have that charm to them. I love this movie so much and always have. In my opinion it's one of the best فلمیں of all time. I think it didn't do so well with the critics because it came out the same سال as The Lion King. If it had came out a سال later when Pocahontas was out they probably would've loved it. The reason it's not number 1 is because it's kind of simple سے طرف کی comparison.


In my opinion this is the best animated Non-Disney movie there is, no contest. The songs are absolutely amazing and it has the best اندازی حرکت of all animated movies. Anastasia is so gorgeous that every single one of the Disney heroines are jealous of her. I love all of the characters, except Rasputin and especially Dimitri. Who cares if this is historically inaccurate? Besides the critics loved it! The adventure is fantastic and آپ can really feel Anya's growth as a character. I love how this movie is a pretty dark movie but it's not over the سب, سب سے اوپر like The Secret of Nimh. The only downfall is the hero and the villain. Rasputin is at times a bada** and I think it was cruel how he was trying to use Anastasia's family to lure her to her doom, however he's kind of pathetic. Dimtri is just annoying, a liar, and a selfish little jerk. Even after he changes he's annoying, suddenly he can be rich beyond belief and be royalty if he stays with Anya but he decides not to for some stupid reason. But other than those two things this movie was absolutely fantastic. Also the emotion in this movie is really strong, especially when Anastasia and the Empress are finally reunited. A lot of idiots say this is just a cheap Disney copy but we know it's not true, it's an EXPENSIVE Disney copy. However it's actually better than all the Disney فلمیں except The Little Mermaid. Ironic that Don Bluth, who left Disney, made a Disney copy and it ended up being considered his best movie. Anyway this movie is great and other than Rasputin and Dimitri this movie is great. It's in my سب, سب سے اوپر 3 پسندیدہ فلمیں of all time and my پسندیدہ Non-Disney animated movie.
I know this فہرست may look controversial coming from me but I am just notoriously indecisive. Please don't be too hard on me haha ;)

10. Sailor Moon
I didn't get that much into the series but I am in love with the character designs and costumes. Everyone is so cute and this meatball کے, کوفتے کا سُوپ head is the cutest IMO. I love Serena's hairstyle, eyes and cheeks!
9. Emma Frost
Honestly, I don't really like how they drew Emma in Wolverine and the X-Men. Her looks are mesmerizing in most of the variety pack comics so I don't feel like the TV دکھائیں did her justice. Although I'm just a big پرستار of her looks...
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This مضمون is going to be very short because I'm just in wow with some of these outfits and am unable to describe them.

10. Sissi's Ball Gown
I love the Hungarian design! Princess Sissi's outfits always look comfortable and feminine.

9. Lucille's La Seine Costume
What can I say? She looks like an angel wearing this lol.

8. Anastasia's Blue Paris Dress
This flapper dress is cute and I love the way the سکرٹ, گھیرنا moves when Anya twirls around. The blue color is lovely too!

7. Cinderella's Wedding Dress
This dress oozes in grace and elegance which makes it just stunning!

6. Odette's...
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Here's the سیکنڈ article! After a request of AudreyFreak (who's the one who gave me the idea), I decided to do Jane. I just want to say that she was very difficult and I might have been completely wrong about her, so I'd like آپ to tell me what آپ think about the results.

Jane is ESTP.

Extroverted: Almost everyone types her as introverted, but I'm not really sure about that. To begin with, she is definitely open to the outside world of people and things. She succeeded in communicating with a wild stranger, while he couldn't even speak. She was also very friendly towards all the animals (well,...
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posted by KataraLover
Welcome to my third movie review but this one will be different from my last two. My first review was of Quest For Camelot, which hardly anyone شدہ تبصرہ on after I worked HARD on it. Anyway in that review I talked about the movie's problems but that it shouldn't get the criticisms it gets, especially when other فلمیں do similar things but people don't mind. مجموعی طور پر it was a great movie with an amazing, well-developed, and totally kicka** protagonist, lovely animation, incredible songs, and some funny comedy. I will admit it could have been better but for what it is it's still really great....
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It's been a while since I last wrote an مضمون here so now I decided to do a new one about my پسندیدہ songs from animated فلمیں that are sung سے طرف کی a heroine, hope you'll like this new مضمون and don't forget to leave a comment. The only requirement I had was that the heroine has to sing at least half of the song

10. Reflection
 When will my reflection دکھائیں who I am inside?
When will my reflection دکھائیں who I am inside?

This song is so relatable which is the main reason to why I love this song very much, but also because it's a beautiful song and Lea Salonga does a wonderful job, she has a great voice even though she's pretty low on...
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First of all, I'm a straight girl, so this might be a little awkward. Anyway this is my فہرست of the سب, سب سے اوپر 10 prettiest animated chicks who have an amazing design that inspire me to draw beautiful women. This is just my سیکنڈ article, so please don't say anything too harsh.If آپ like my article, please become a fan. Enjoy and تبصرہ below :)

10) LOLA BUNNY (Space Jam)

The only girl with فر, سمور on this list...She may be a bunny, but she is one pretty bunny! Why do آپ think all the guys were drooling over her in Space Jam? I love her fluffy blonde hair and her cute bunny voice. I'm disappointed...
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 Random Picture~~!
Random Picture~~!
1st مضمون on this spot~! Hope آپ Enjoy~!


I love her. She is so cute. && My پسندیدہ character from PatF~!


9.Jane (Tarzan)

I love her looks~! I think her eyes are very pretty && I love her hair color~!


8. Pocahontas

She is so beautiful~! An amazing figure && a stunning face~!



I love her face~! && her hips are very big but I have big hips too && I love that on her~!


6. Wendy

She is so so so pretty to me~! I like her hair && face. She is also one of my پسندیدہ characters...
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