It´s always fun to read the "Getting to know..." مضامین on the DP spot, but since many of us already wrote one there i thought it would be مزید interesting to make a new version for this club :)
If آپ want to provide مزید infos about yourself, feel free to add it یا to link to your other article!

Here are the سوالات :

1. Who was your پسندیدہ heroine as a child?
(Can be مزید than one of course!)

2. Who is your پسندیدہ heroine now?
(Again, can be more. Feel free to write down your سب, سب سے اوپر 3,5,whatever :) )

3. Which heroine influenced آپ the most?
(Which heroine taught آپ the most, etc..)

4. Which heroine is your look-alike?
(Men can of course use animated males for this ;) If there is no heroine, try to mix some together)

5. Which heroine is your "spirit animal"?
( In case آپ don´t know what a SA is - link )

6. What is your پسندیدہ type of heroine?
(The sweet princess? The sexy rebel? The devil-may-care badass chick with an own weapon collection? Just some examples ;) )

7. The heroine/s آپ wished آپ looked like?

8. The heroine/s آپ wished آپ would be like (more)?

9. Your پسندیدہ outfit/dress?

10. What (kind of) heroine آپ wish existed?
(Maybe she does and آپ simply don´t know it yet! :) )

11. Add anything آپ like..or don´t ;)

The most important thing about this is - Have fun!
Can´t wait for your مضامین :)