Cartoon Beauty
15). Annie Hughes
She is from the Iron Giant and I'm not sure if I have seen the movie. I thought I did, but I really don't remember it یا her. She is so cute. I love the drawing style. She kind of looks like Belle just a little مزید cartoonized and with green eyes.
Innocent Beauty

14). Princess Greta
She is from Little Long Nose and I think she is so cute and pretty. She kind of looks like Odette so maybe like her daughter. I could see if Derek and Odette have a daughter she would look like this. I haven't watched the movie, but I saw her on this site and i thought she was pretty.
Snow White Beauty

13). (Princess) Snow White
She is from Happily Ever After and I think she is pretty. I like how she has long dark hair and blue eyes. She outfit is decent, but Disney's Snow White has better clothes. I actually really like her and her movie.
Childlike Beauty

12). Princess Camille
She's from the movie Little Nemo and I think she is so cute and pretty. She looks a little like Anastasia to me maybe like a little sister یا cousin. I love the outfits she wears. She has nice white skin, nicely-shaped blue eyes, and auburn/red hair. Her nose and lips are nice too.
Camille singing (she has a lovely voice): link
آگ کے, آگ Child Beauty (First Form)

11). (Princess) Malta
She is from Sea Prince and آگ کے, آگ Child. I think she is very pretty, but she's beautiful in her other form. At first she has aqua hair and آڑو skin with dark eyes. In her other form, she has purple hair and آڑو skin. She is just too pretty and I love her hair in both forms. She is kind of naked though. Her movie is quite good too! Here's a link: link
آگ کے, آگ Child Beauty (Second Form)
Exotic Beauty

10). (Princess) Kida
I think she is so pretty! She really doesn't get enough attention and neither does her movie. I love her tan skin, blue eyes, and white hair. Her tattoos are nice too. She looks so exotic and is just a very unique beauty.
Tiny Beauty

9). Thumbelina
I find her very pretty! She has pretty مالٹا, نارنگی hair and blue eyes. I like her first outfit its really nice. I love her singing voice (same voice as Ariel) and she is just so sweet and cute.
Golden Haired Beauty

8). Rapunzel
I know a lot of people complain about Rapunzel's appearance either she looks too young یا her eyes are too big, but I like all those things about her. I like her child-like personality and beauty and i adore her big green eyes
Classic Blonde Beauty

7). Princess Melissande
She's from the movie Flight of Dragons. I really love her braided long blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a nice face too and outfits. Flight of Dragons is a good movie and I think آپ should be able to find it on YouTube if آپ have not seen it. Here's a clip of from the movie where Melissande is introduced: link.
Fairy Beauty

6). Silvermist
She is lovely! I love her raven hair, brown eyes, and her outfits are nice as well. I think she is the prettiest fairy.
Natural Beauty

5). Princess Eilonwy
A lot of people do think she's pretty, but she didn't make Fanpop's سب, سب سے اوپر 15 فہرست سے طرف کی LibelluleBleu and I think she should have. She looks like a child version of Aurora یا her little sister.
Heroic Beauty

4). Kayley
She is from A Quest for Camelot. She looks a lot like Belle, but I like her clothes better. I think she is really pretty and I have a hard time deciding whose prettier between her and Belle. I do like Kayley مزید though. Kayley didn't make the prettiest فہرست I just made, but I am thinking about redoing my فہرست sometime.
Raven-Haired Beauty

3). Cindy
She's from The Magic Riddle and I actually never heard of her until PrincessFairy گیا کیا پوسٹ the movie so I looked it up. She is so pretty! She looks like the Snow White beauty I've always wanted. I love her eyes, nose, and she has such a cute smile. Such an adorable and innocent beauty!
Raven-Haired Beauty
Mermaid Beauty

2). (Princess) مرینا
She is from The Little Mermaid عملی حکمت and I have always loved her even as much as I love Ariel. I like her long blonde hair and her big blue-green eyes. She also has a cute nose and nice lips. I like her outfits too. She wears a lot of blue which is my پسندیدہ color. If آپ want to watch her movie here's the link: link
(Just the first part, but the rest is on YouTube)
Here's her singing (she has a lovely singing and talking voice): link (Starts singing ay about 1:18)
The movie is a tear-jerker it still makes me cry. She is also kind of nude is some scenes.
Mythical Beauty (As Human)

1) Lady Amalthea
She is actually my prettiest childhood animated movie heroine. I find her breath-taking as both a human and a unicorn. Her pale flawless skin is so beautiful and she has big doe-eyed purple eyes and long slightly wavy silver hair (I think she has one of the prettiest hairs ever). She looks mythical and actually is since she is a unicorn. I like the mark on her forehead too.
Mythical Beauty (As Unicorn)