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posted by anutt14
Look at Me Now" is a song سے طرف کی American recording artist Chris Brown, featuring American rappers Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne, released as the سیکنڈ single from Brown's fourth studio album F.A.M.E. on February 1, 2011. It was written سے طرف کی Brown, Diplo, Jean Baptiste, Ryan Buendia, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and Afrojack. The "Dirty south-inspired" hip hop song was produced سے طرف کی Diplo and Afrojack and was co-produced سے طرف کی Free School. Critical reception towards the song was positive, where critics noted it as the standout track on the album, and praised Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne's rap verses.

The song...
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You've got that smile
That only heaven can make
I pray to God every دن
That آپ keep that smile

You are my dream
There's not a thing I won't do
I'll give my life up for آپ
'Cause آپ are my dream

And baby everything that I have is yours
You will never go cold یا hungry
I'll be there when you're insecure
Let آپ know that you're always lovely, girl
'Cause آپ are the only thing that I got right now

One دن when the sky is fallin'
I'll be standing right اگلے to you, right اگلے to آپ
Nothing will ever come between us
'Cause i'll be standing right اگلے to you, right اگلے to آپ

If آپ had my...
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posted by terian
باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال Football Love a ladies. Marry his wife.
Shop. Work hard on a song. Get a jod and buy bill And have a good life. THE. END love Terian
posted by modrockz
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
If I have a moment
I'd capture that moment
You would be right here اگلے to me
If I had the secret
The secret to your love
I would plant your treasure beneath my دل
Lock it all up
Throw away the key
I would never give it up
Cause I was just a fool
A fool for آپ
And I loved آپ so childishly

And I want it all back
I want it all
I want it all
Girl I want it all back
I want it all back
I want it all
I want it all
Girl I want it all
You never miss a good thing til its gone
I want it all now, I want it all back

If there is a green light
And its bout...
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posted by modrockz
Girl, I woke up before the light
Thinking about tonight
I can't, I can't sleep
Just a few hours پہلے
We had the TV on
Drowning out your screams
Tell me your پسندیدہ love song girl
I'm gonna play it while your toes curl
Girl what you're saying speak your mind
Girl, دکھائیں me what آپ like

I'm a make آپ beg for it
Beg for it
I'll give آپ what آپ need
Only if آپ say please
I'm a make آپ beg for it
Beg for it
Go on whisper your wishes to me, baby

Not gonna lie to آپ wasn't expecting you,
To have me on my knees, yeah
I'm a gonna make آپ cry
Tears from your paradise...
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posted by Suckmykicks
I dont wanna go there
We should never go there
Why آپ wanna go there?
I guess I gotta go there
Your hearing rumors about me
And آپ cant stomach the thought
Of someone touching my body
When your so close to my heart
I wont deny what they saying
Because most of it is true
But it was all before I fell for you
So please babe
So Please dont judge me
And I won't judge you
Cause it can get ugly
Before it gets beautiful
Please don't judge me
And I won't judge you
And if آپ love me
Then let it be beautiful
Let it beautiful-ul-ul
Let it beautiful
Let it be beautiful-ul-ul
Let it beautiful
Everything Im saying right now...
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This short story is dedicated to all the girls who love Chris Brown.

One دن I was sitting at a beech, reading my book. it was early, really early, like 5 A.M.
Then i saw this guy who i thought was, none other then, CHRIS BROWN! I glanced up to take just one مزید quick look. he stopped, "i didnt know there where other people who got up this early" He said.
"oh, well.... I gues... I do. Where آپ talking to me?" I کہا feeling like a total idiot.
He slowly smirked, and then smiled, "well there is no one else around is there?" He asked, sounding amused.
"Uhm............" I کہا looking around,...
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posted by Zoey_hot101
need آپ boo, I gotta see u boo
And the hearts all over the world tonight کہا the hearts all over the world tonight, I need u boo (ohh) I gotta see u boo (yeah) and the hearts all over the world tonight کہا the hearts all over the world tonight ارے little mama ooh your a stunna hot little figure yes your a winner and i'm so glad to be yours your a class all ur own and ooh little cutie when u talk to me I swear the whole world stops your my sweetheart and i'm so glad that your mine آپ are one of a kind آپ mean to me what I mean to آپ and together baby there is nothing we won't do cause...
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posted by modrockz
Aye baby
I don?t like the way آپ got me feelin lately, oh
They say baby
I?m feelin like آپ found someone to replace me
Do آپ remember آپ used to say
that آپ would never walk away
Cause I remember the time and a place
Like it was just yesterday
Baby had me (gone gone gone)
But آپ won?t have me (I?m gone gone gone)
Say no مزید cause I know what آپ came for
Just wanna play them games girl

So hard, to be let down (it's so hard baby to be let down baby)
Tell me آپ won?t do this to me
We?ve come to far (we?ve come to far baby)
To give up now (to give up now baby)
Girl that?s...
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posted by Imdalyric
Wow... I really dont know where 2 start when it comes to Chris but Imma try my best...

Well... Im a Big پرستار (obviously -_-'), and I love your care-free nature, your I-dont-give-a-#2 attitude and your songz... OMG ur songz, well moving on, I dont have much to say but my love 4 آپ (as a fan) is a journey starting at forever and ending at never and that your موسیقی is my drug and Im HIGHLY ADDICTED!! If آپ want I can only love آپ on the days that end with "y" :-).

I would really love to chat to آپ sometime if its possible but since then... #PEACE!!

xx Lyric.H.xx
Baby girl I think we need to sit and talk, talk, talk
Playing with my money, paper, scissors, rock, rock, rock
Blowing up my دل then stick a pen and pop pop pop
Either آپ ?, don’t know what آپ got got got
I could be wrong, آپ could right
You probably be alone, I probably not
Well listen girl, آپ acting like an idiot
Really try to love آپ but its getting hard, hard, hard

[Chris Brown - Chorus]
Is آپ crazy, did آپ lose it
Are آپ stupid, are آپ foolish
Girl, I’m the only one like me on the planet
It don’t take rocket science to understand it
You paper, scissors, rock my World
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posted by modrockz
[Chris Brown]
All my ladies put ya hands up
All my ladies put ya hands up
If آپ got that bomb-bomb-ba-bomb-ba-bomb-bomb
Know آپ got that bomb-bomb-ba-bomb-ba-bomb-bomb
Ladies put ya hands up if آپ that bomb-bomb
Girl آپ got that bomb-ba-bomb-ba-bomb-bomb-bomb

Oh me, oh my, body like a monster
Let me get inside if ya booty I'ma conquer
If ya سوال bout my size, I give آپ the answer
Girl آپ got that good good
I already know
Tell it سے طرف کی your size
I know آپ a dancer
Rein-derierre, I'ma call آپ Prancer
Booty paparazzi, pose for the camera
All my ladies if آپ got it let me know
She thick...
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posted by modrockz
Why am I mad, I don't get it,
It seems like every time آپ give me signs,
And I miss it!
I did it again,
I admit it,
I left آپ standing there,
And now I regret it,
Seems like every time,
I get the chance,
I lose my cool, and I blow it,
And I get all tongue tied,
Lost in your eyes,
I'm a fool, and I know it!

I should've kissed you,
I should've told you,
Told آپ just how I feel,
And اگلے time I won't stop,
I'll listen to my heart,
Cause what I feel is real!
I should've kissed you,
I should've told آپ how I feel,
I should've kissed you,
I should've showed آپ how I feel,

No I did...
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posted by modrockz
im a bad man but im a sucker for love like im addict
girl I really love the way you're looking at me
so ima دکھائیں آپ the meaning of what a man is
i'm nasty, car go zum-zum and then the speakers in the تنے, ٹرنک go boom-boom
i can give it to آپ fast یا slow, girl i'm a gentleman I'll open your door
get the party started like whoa-whoa, spinning a lot tonight
hoping آپ stay tonight ending the party right
whoa-whoa, take everything off your mind we can just take our time
whatever آپ want
I-I, got a lot of money but that don't mean shit cause i need آپ honey
baby i gotta have آپ girl
lemme get...
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Hear the sound of your body drip, drip, drip
As I kiss both sexy lip, lip, lips
Hear the sound of your body drip, drip, drip
As I kiss both sexy lip, lip, lips

[verse 1]
I ain't afraid to drown, if that means I deep up in your ocean yeah
Girl I'll drink آپ down, siping on your body all night
I just wanna take your legs and لپیٹ, لفاف کریں em round, girl you're coming right now
My head to your chest feeling your دل beat girl
Swimming all in your sea, and you're sweatin all over me,
Bring it آگے don't آپ run
I don't want to be a منٹ man
Baby you're just like a storm rainin on me girl...
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posted by modrockz
She a-ain't, she ain't you, no
She a-ain't, she ain't you, no
She a-ain't, she ain't you, no
She a-ain't, she ain't آپ

You make it hard for me
to see somebody else
I'm calling her your name
and yeah its messed up
'Cause im thinkin 'bout آپ
It's your fault, babe
I never wanted us to break up
No, not this way
But آپ don't understand it girl
When she touches me
I'm wishing that they were your hands
and when I'm with her its only 'bout the sex
With آپ I had a bad romance
and if I could
just trade her in i would
cause nobody compares to آپ nooo...yeah

I think I better let her...
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posted by modrockz
What the hell babe,
Damn I ain't never felt this way
Somebody, somebody, tell me
I don't have a clue what to do
When it comes to آپ
Baby, you're so beautiful
Every time I see آپ girl, it throw me off
It's so unusual
For me to be waiting
But I don't want to blow it girl,
But آپ should know this girl

I'm not gonna be the one to mess this up
Cause I done effed up in love before,
I'ma be the one to take a back نشست girl
We can take our time and
you can run this, Stay in, go out,
Anything آپ want girl, we can do
Girl are we going down, I don't know,
But from here now baby I'm gone leave...
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All that bullshit's for the birds
You ain't nothin' but a گدھ
Always hopin' for the worst
Waitin' for me to fuck up
You'll regret the دن when I find another girl, yeah
Who knows just what I need, she knows just what I mean
When I tell her keep it drama free
Ohohohohohohohoh... x2 Chuckin' up them(Deuces)
I told آپ that I'm leavin'(Deuces)
I know آپ mad but so what?
I wish آپ best of luck
And now I'm finnin' to throw them deuces up

[Chris Brown - Chorus]
I'm on some new shit
I'm chuckin' my deuces up to her
I'm movin' on to somethin' better, better, better
No مزید tryin' to make it work...
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Yellow model chick
Yellow bottle sipping
Yellow Lamborghini
Yellow سب, سب سے اوپر missing
Yeah yeah
That sh-t look like a toupee

I get what آپ get in 10 years, in two days
Ladies love me
I'm on my cool J
If آپ get what I get what would آپ say
She wax it all off, Mr Miyagi
And them suicide doors, Hari Kari

Look at me now, look at me now
Oh, I'm getting paper
Look at me now
Oh, look at me now

Yeah, fresh than a muthaf-cker

Lil n-gga bigger than gorilla
Cause I'm killing every n-gga that
Try to be on my sh-t
Better cuff your chick if آپ with her
I can get her
And she accidentally slip fall on...
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posted by kris-brown
جے z;(REMIX)
Rihanna;Uhuh uhuh (Rihanna)
(Chris Brown)
Uhuh uhuh (Good girl gone bad)
Uhuh uhuh (Take three Action)
Uhuh uhuh
Jay Z; No clouds in my storms
Let it rain, I hydroplane into fame (Eh eh)
Come'n down with the Dow Jones
When the clouds come we gone
We Rokafella (Eh eh)
We fly high to weather
And she rocks it better
You know me
An anticipation for precipitation, stack chips for the rainy دن (Eh eh)
Jay, rain man is back with lil Ms. Sunshine
Rihanna where آپ at?

You have my heart, and we'll never be a world apart
Maybe in magazines, but you'll still be my star
Baby cause in the Dark, You...
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