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posted by Christa_Lenz
eren: mikasa?
do آپ wanna kill some titans?
c'mon let's go and fight
آپ always act like such a bore,
come out the door
let's make sure they all die!
i told آپ 'bout the survey corps
cause i trusted you
why did آپ go and tell my mom?
do آپ wanna kill some titans?
even if it's just one titan-

mikasa: stop it, eren

eren: then i'll go on
hey, corporal!!
do آپ wanna kill some titans?
یا 3DMG 'round the walls?
i think some practices time is over due,
i've started talking to the horses in the stalls,
(hang in there, jean)
it gets a little boring ,
cleaning all these rooms
watching the hours tick on
(tick tock tick tock tick tock)

i don't know what to think now,
people are wondering who آپ are
they say "it can't be"
and i'm trying to
to understand how you've
made it this far.
we're nothing like each other
but it's آپ and me
what am i going to do?

ارے Armin?
do wanna kill this titan?
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added by Christa_Lenz