Quite a pleasant tune to listen to.
Since I had done with my favourite Christmas films, now it's the famous Oratorios composed سے طرف کی famous classical composers.

1) The Messiah سے طرف کی George Frederick Handel

This oratorio premiered in Dublin, Ireland and it's the first oratorio to be performed in English. Which was unusual at that time.

2) Alexander's Feast سے طرف کی George Frederick Handel

Although this oratorio is link to Alexander the Great, it's موسیقی sounds very Christmas oriented and it is highly recommend for both Christmas and Handel شائقین alike!

3) St. John's Passion سے طرف کی Johann Sebastian Bach

It's dramatic موسیقی will not only celebrate Christmas, but to remind us that Jesus had died for our sins and was born on Christmas دن to remind us of Him.

4) St. Matthew's Passion سے طرف کی Johann Sebastian Bach

The same reason as St. John's Passion, only this time it has some nice and relaxing tune that آپ might find the whole oratorio pleasant to listen to.

Festive Mood

Ready for a festive and religious mood for Christmas? So am I!
Hello Handel!
Thank آپ dear Jesus!
My favourite cover.