Classic Disney Classic Disney 20 in 20 شبیہ Contest: Sign up for Round 9!

milky-way posted on Dec 28, 2011 at 05:45AM
This is the same idea as the 20 in 20 icon contests on other spots - sign up for a round, make 20 icons in 20 days according to the themes set for that round. Thanks to Anichu90v2 and livejournal for the idea.

Rules (the important bit to read!):
- You have 20 days to submit all 20 icons for the round.
- Each participant chooses a Classic Disney movie and uses screencaps from that movie to make their icons.
- A movie may only be used by one person per round.
- The same movie cannot be used 2 rounds in a row, even by different participants. This is to encourage a wider range of movies to be included.
- A participant cannot use the same movie again until at least another 5 rounds have passed. So if you used Cinderella, for example, in round 1, you cannot use it again until round 7 or later.
- All icons must be your own and not have been submitted in another contest or round.
- Don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.
- Icons must be square and no larger than 200x200.
- Screencaps from a film's sequel are not allowed unless otherwise stated.
- No animated icons.

How it works:
- I'll choose the themes for the icons (10 selected themes, 5 category icons). There will also be 5 artist's choice icons, which will allow the participants some greater creativity.
- After 20 days I will make a pick for each theme, which will be open for 7 days.
- A prop will be given to the winner of each pick.
- 2 additional props will be awarded to the person who wins the most picks.
- I will also give a prop to each participant, provided that they submit all 20 icons by the deadline.

See 1-37 on link for a list of the films.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I don't bite... well, most of the time :P


Round 1 Overall winner: LionaChoco (won 4)
Round 2 Overall winner: BelleAnastasia (won 3)
Round 3 Overall winner: ppv (won 5)
Round 4 Overall winner: alexon31 (won 3)
Round 5 Overall winner: LionaChoco (won 7)
Round 6 Overall winner: LightningRed (won 4)
Round 7 Overall winner: LightningRed (won 7)


Round 9 Themes:

Deadline: 12am 2nd August! (GMT)
Note: Everyone should aim to submit their icons before this deadline. If you submit them after the deadline, I cannot guarantee that they will be included in the picks, and you won't get a participation prop.


Round 3 Sign-ups:
ppv - Sleeping Beauty
alexon31 - Fantasia
roryanddean16 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
bugbyte98 - Mulan
LionaChoco - Aladdin
MarlenaLovett - Oliver and Company

Round 4 Sign-ups:
BelleAnastasia - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
LionaChoco - 101 Dalmatians
alexon31 - Peter Pan

Round 5 Sign-ups:
BelleAnastasia - Hercules
LionaChoco - Sleeping Beauty
Maria7Potter - The Lion King
bugbyte98 - Pocahontas

Round 6 Sign-ups:
LightningRed - Tarzan
alexon31 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
BelleAnastasia - Mulan

Round 7 Sign-ups:
LightningRed - Aladdin
BelleAnastasia - Sleeping Beauty
SweetPea2007 - Robin Hood
starlight77 - Beauty and the Beast

Round 8 Sign-ups:
SweetPea2007 - The Sword in the Stone
LightningRed - Bambi
starlight77 - Cinderella
MarlenaLovett - The Lion King

Round 9 Sign-ups:
KingSimba4Ever9 - Pocahontas
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