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 آپ are my Perrie Sis*
You are my Perrie Sis*
When I first saw your پروفائل on fanpop and how close آپ was to many people on here I knew I wanted a person like آپ in my life and now I do I never regret adding آپ
because without آپ I wouldn't know what to do
without you, your a huge part of my life
Your the Princess of my قلعہ and Queen of my Heart
I'm lucky to have a close friend like آپ in my life
Your an amazing,flawless,perfect and unique person
Nobody can take that away from آپ Cleo
your one of a kind no one could ever replace you
even if they tried!

I want to say thank آپ for making me smile when I have been
always putting a...
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posted by 241098
These people mean so much to mee...

aNNa || Oh what can I say...She's my other half..My sis from the begging & till the end.
Anna we're sisters forever<33

Chez || From the moment I met this girl my life changed. I knew we were going to be مزید than normal friends<33

Mira || I can eat many sweets but no one will ever be sweeter than her!
Mira always knows how to make my دن & she always puts a smile in my face with her sweet words<33

Jen || Yay one of the most awesome people I know! A great Directioner & caring person. Love ya Jen<33

Sarah || She's always just so perfect! I love آپ Sarah thnx for being in my life! Our frindship is so strong<33

Beri || Well the most awesome fanpoper here. We're twins forever<33

Vero || Sweet,funny,smart...this girl has them all<33

Thnx to everyone for putting a smile in my face:**
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