#4.21 Forever

Lois: I’m impressed, Smallville. Of all the seniors skipping the last دن of school, I didn’t expect to see you.
Clark: I’m on lunch break.
Lois: Right, right. Because why would آپ do anything like any other normal teenager in America?

Lois: How cliche, an abandoned warehouse.
Clark: آپ know maybe there’s another way in around the corner. Why don’t آپ go check? I’ll see if I can find a key for this lock.
Lois: [Doubtful] Keys? Well, I highly doubt they’re under the welcome mat, but, uh, آپ knock yourself out.

#4.22 Commencement

Lois: Nightmare? So that’s what all this commotion is about?
Jonathan: Lois.
Lois: [To Clark] آپ know, if it makes آپ feel any better, I have them all the time. I had this one last week. Really scary. [She takes a pitcher out of the fridge] This, uh, guy wearing a red cape.
Clark: [Unimpressed] Oh, that sounds horrible, Lois.

Lois: Yeah. There’s something I wanted to tell all آپ guys. I just didn’t know when to, so I guess 2 in the morning is good a time as any.
Martha: What is it, Lois?
Lois: Oh, The general recruited me on a recon mission to track down my sister the grifter in Europe. So, we’re headed for Heidelberg tomorrow.
Martha: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
[Clark tries to cover his delight]
Lois: Clark, I know how devastated آپ must be but if آپ could just keep your tears to a minimum, I’d appreciate it.
Clark: I’ll try.
Lois: Thanks. Mr. and Mrs. Kent, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. آپ guys are like the mom and dad I’ve always wanted to have.
Jonathan: Lois, we want آپ to know that آپ are welcome back here any time.
Clark: [Protesting] Actually–
Martha: We’ll all miss you, Lois.
Lois: I’ll miss آپ all, too.

Lois: I realize hand-eye coordination isn’t one of your strong suits. Here, let me help آپ with that.
Clark: [Annoyed] Lois, I’m not sure what I’m gonna do without you.
Lois: Ah, come on, Clark, your future is laid out right in front of you. You’re gonna go to community college, major in agriculture, probably minor in law enforcement. And then آپ and Lana are gonna have a nice little church wedding.
Clark: Excuse me?
Lois: It’s written in the stars and آپ know it. It’s only a matter of time before آپ شامل میں the bowling league, take over the family farm, and then, well, آپ and Lana can bring little Clark junior into the world.
Clark: I think you’re hallucinating.
Lois: No. Hallucinating would be imagining Clark Kent going off to the big city to make his mark in the world. I’m just being realistic.
Clark: Lois, what are your big plans after Europe? آپ gonna go back to school? Maybe actually stay a little while?
Lois: I have a feeling that if I’m gonna get an education, it’s gonna be in the real world. [She sits down on the couch] آپ know, I took this career test in some magazine. It کہا that my perfect job would be a radio disc jockey.
Clark: That makes sense. آپ talk enough. There won’t be any dead air.
Lois: آپ mock me now Smallville, but آپ just wait and see.
Clark: Journalism. آپ ever thought about that? آپ wrote some half decent مضامین in your short lived career at the Torch.
Lois: Nah, kill me first. Even if I could spell, the last thing I’d wanna do is spend my time in a newsroom. With my luck I’d probably end up across the ڈیسک from the most bumbling reporter on the masthead.
Lois: آپ know what? آپ actually look handsome for a change.
Clark: I’ll take that as a compliment.
Lois: Look, I know we’ve had our disagreements in the past. And I will be the first to admit that I’ve made it my own little hobby to bust your chops.
Clark: I’m used to it. Besides, I know I haven’t been the most gracious host.
Lois: Look, I just want آپ to know, Clark, that when I’m sitting in the audience today at your graduation and آپ stand up on that stage in front of all those people, I’m gonna be looking up at آپ and thinking one thing.
Clark: What’s that?
Lois: Please, God, don’t let him trip. [She punches him in the chest] See you.

Lois: Thanks for the tip. Now listen to me, Smallville, if there’s one thing that the General has taught me is that آپ cannot panic in times of crisis. Do آپ hear me? Okay, whatever happens, آپ have to stay calm. آپ cannot panic.
Clark: Lois–
Lois: [Becoming frantic] Because if آپ lose your cool–
Clark: Lois!
Lois: What?
Clark: You’re panicking.
Lois: Fine.