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posted by Mollymolata
I nicked it from link and add Sissi and William too.

Odd Della Robbia
[] آپ are a flirt.
[] آپ are very artistic.
[] آپ see the life as a game.
[] آپ make jokes about everything.
[] Purple.
[] آپ have a odd sense of fashion.
[ ] Your feet stink.
[] آپ eat a lot.
[] آپ love potatoes.
[] آپ like animals.

Jeremie Belpois
[] You're good at school
[] آپ are very intelligent. (Only not in Maths -_-)
[] آپ are a computer wizard.
[] آپ dislike P.E.
[] آپ are the leader of your group.
[ ] آپ have a picture of Einstein.
[] آپ are on سب, سب سے اوپر of your class. (2nd best)
[] آپ want to help people who are in danger.
[ ] آپ sleep in PJs.
[ ] آپ know how to build robots.

Ulrich Stern
[ ] آپ know martial arts.
[] آپ are grumpy.
[] آپ are a bit shy about your feelings.
[ ] آپ have difficulties in school.
[x ] آپ are good at soccer.
[ ] When آپ are embarassed آپ don't want to be with people.
[ ] آپ have vertigo.
[] آپ take your time with people before آپ open up to them

Yumi Ishiyama
[] آپ are مزید mature than your friends.
[] آپ like to dress in black.
[ ] آپ like Totoro.
[] آپ are very proud of your culture.
[] آپ understand people well.
[ ] آپ don't like bugs.
[ ] آپ are sometimes a bit stiff.
[] Your humour is sarcastic and ironic.
[ ] آپ know martial arts.
[] People trust you.

Aelita Schaeffer
[ ] آپ are a bit naïve.
[] آپ can be witty sometimes.
[] آپ have odd somewhat-psychic abilities.
[ ] Pink
[] آپ are very smart.
[] آپ are kind.
[] آپ love music.
[] آپ are very familiar with computers.
[] آپ have a doll یا a plushie that is very dear to you.
[ ] آپ can play the piano.

William Dunbar
[] آپ are romantic
[] آپ are rebellious
[] آپ are a bad boy
[] آپ are the nice guy
[] آپ are friendzoned
[] آپ aren't shy about to دکھائیں your feelings
[] آپ are brave
[] آپ are mature
[] آپ have an athlete body stature

Sissi Delmas
[] آپ are a brat
[] آپ are pretty
[] آپ are an Alpha Bitch
[] آپ hate your name
[] آپ got a crush since the pre-school on someone
[] Your father is the Principal of your School

added by LyokoGuardian45
Episode 102: Firestorm

"So, any new news, Einstein?" Jacob asked as the gang sat in Jeremy's room.
"Nothing yet," he sighed. "I did manage to extract what I think might be a last known location…" Aelita perked her ears in anticipation as Jeremy continued. "But…I haven't been able to crack the code yet…"
"It's okay, Jeremy," Aelita said. "Just knowing you're doing something gives me hope," she smiled.
"Well, I hope we'll have something soon," he grinned as the گھنٹی, بیل rang outside.
"We don't want to be late for class," Odd smiled as the gang تقسیم, الگ کریں up and went their separate ways for classes…...
continue reading...
Episode 101: Breakdown

"Hurry now, children, there's not a lot of time," Jeremy کہا in a sing-songy voice as they raced towards the activated Tower in the Mountain Sector. XANA had been causing earthquakes around Kadic City and Odd, Yumi, Jacob, and Aelita were on Lyoko trying to get to the Tower.
"Ow," Ulrich کہا as one of the tremors knocked him to the floor of the Lab. "Hey, Jeremy, can آپ make them go any faster? The tremors are getting closer."
"Well, I can try to put the whip to them," he laughed as he said, "Move it!" into the microphone.
"We're going, Jeremy," Aelita laughed as she jumped...
continue reading...
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