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The Relic times for the tracks on ctr are simple but CAN آپ GET A PLATINUIM YOURSELF????? This is a 2 part series on some tips آپ should know:
Crash Cove: Sapphire: 1:17:00, Gold: 1:05:00 Platinuim: 0:52:00
Roo's Tubes: Sapp: 1:15:00 Gold: 1:05:00 Plat: 0:55:00
Mystery Caves: S: 1:55:00 G: 1:44:00 P. 1:32:00
Sewer Speedway: S: 1:33:00 G: 1:05:00 P. 0:37:00
Coco Park: S. 1:35:00 G: 1:12:00 P. 0:49:00
Tiger Temple: S. 1:20:00 G. 1:02:00 P. 0:43:00
Papu's Pyramid: S. 1:34:00 G. 1:09:00 P. 0:42:00
Dingo Canyon:S. 1:25:00 G. 1:09:00 P. 0:53:00
Blizzard Bluff:S. 1:30:00 G. 1:08:00 P. 0:45:00
Dragon Mines:S. 1:28:00 G. 1:11:00 P. 0:54:00
Polar Pass:S. 3:00:00 G. 2:33:00 P. 2:05:00
Tiny Arena:S. 3:45:00 G. 3:22:00 P. 2:58:00
N-Gin Labs:S. 2:15:00 G. 1:34:00 P. 0:53:00
Cortex Castle:S. 2:35:00 G. 2:04:00 P. 1:32:00
Hot Air Skyway:S. 3:05:00 G. 2:34:00 P. 2:02:00
Oxide Station:S. 3:17:00 G: 2:56:00 P. 2:34:00
Ok since i told آپ the relic times, i will now tell آپ how to unlock all the characters and extras!!!!!
Penta Penguin: This is a secret character accessed سے طرف کی (PS1, PS2, PS3) سے طرف کی holding L1+R1 and press Down, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Up. آپ will know if آپ did it right when آپ hear a گھنٹی, بیل noise. NOTE: آپ must do this at the menu screen.
N.Tropy: To Unlock Him, Its Simple. All آپ have to do is defeat his ghost on every level on the time trial mode. To Unlock his ghost for each track آپ must get a low enough time and he will tell آپ when his ghost is unlocked.
Fake Crash:
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