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posted by SoyalaLeisu
Hello, I'm Pebblestar,the leader of CreekClan. We are a Clan of life, and vitality. We hunt مچھلی from the river on which we built our camp. I am not the first leader, but I am one of many, who have lead CreekClan through much.

Our deputy is Pricklefur. He is my littermate, which is how I knew from the very start that I could trust him as my faithful deputy. He is a creamy white tom with dark brown eyes. I love him as my family and has my deputy.

Our Medicine cat is Silvermoss. Silvermoss is a silver she-cat. She's young, but she's great, and caring. We care about her as much as she cares for...
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posted by SoyalaLeisu
Leader- Pebblestar- gray she-cat, amber eyes.

Deputy- Pricklefur- brown tabby tom, blue eyes.

Medicine cat- Silvermoss(Edwin3)- silver she-cat, blue eyes.


Hawkwing- brown tabby tom, amber eyes.

Apprentice- Slushpaw

Drippelt- gray and white tom, blue eyes.

Staggerfoot- big gray tom, blue eyes.

Apprentice- Fishpaw

Badgertooth(Moonshine321)- big dark tabby she-cat, blue eyes.

Halfheart- black and white she-cat, green eyes.

Hollowshine- white tom, blue eyes.

Apprentice- Hollypaw

Smalltail- brown tabby tom, unusually short tail.

Apprentice- Swirlpaw

Spottedshadow(stichxangel4eva)- mottled brown, gold...
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