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 Ticci Toby (for Windwakerguy430)
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posted by FrostyBlazer
*meanwhile in the underworld*

Zalgo: *snickers*

Observer: whats so funny?!

Zalgo: oh, sorry... funny thing on the show

Observer: every one here?

All: yes sir!

Observer: go prepare yourselves for the اگلے attack...

All: yes sir! *all walk away*

Zalgo: ارے Observer!

Observer: what...

Zalgo: I got new guys!

Observer: what?

Zalgo: meet Mr. Widemouth

Mr.W: hi!

Zalgo: Lisa

Lisa: hey...

Zalgo: Targeter

Targeter: ...

Zalgo: and Pyris

Pyris: Why am I here again?

Zalgo: they will be are new commanders

Observer: ._.
posted by FrostyBlaze
Zalgo: finally, my دن off...


Zalgo: WHAT?

SL: the grunts are having a fight again

Zalgo: then go take care of it

SL: how can I when آپ only addressed only half of them of my rank!

Zalgo: its my دن off

SL: its your kingdom!

Zalgo: its still my دن off!

SL: ._.

Zalgo: ._.

SL :c

Zalgo: :c

SL: :P

Zalgo: :P

SL: :l

Zalgo: :l

SL: :[

Zalgo: :[

SL: :B

Zalgo: :B

SL: thats it, im going to play on my DiPod

Zalgo: finally...


Zalgo: shi*
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posted by FrostyBlazer
Lucius: 1 دن and my new house is on fire

Slender: *sigh*

Masky: gah! *holds chest*

Hoody: whats wrong bro?

Masky: i'm having a دل attack- ak ak ak ak, آپ aughta know سے طرف کی now! *flop*

Lucius: nice Joel reference...

Hoody: Maksy! speak to me man!

Masky: cheese cake

Hoody: he's alive!

Lucius: good, i'm glad to know that a killer that I don't know is alive...

ToTheArk: do آپ always have to be like this?

Lucius: yes...

Slender: ok! everyone here?

all: yes sir!

Lucius: wait! where is that SCP guy?

Slender: who?
posted by FrostyBlazer
Me: hi guys im home!

Jeff rip offs: hi!

Jeff: *mph*

Me: what the hell is going on?!

Jeef: Jeff killed my brother

Jef: i have RED eyes

Jeffy: I have two knifes!

Jake: Im his step-brother!

Lucius: *drops cigarette*

*10 minuets later*

Me: did آپ have to burn my house!?

Lucius: yes

Jeff: what the hell was that?

Lucius: your fan-base

Jeff: im screwed

Me: were the hell am I supposed to live!

Lucius: hey, just walk it off...

Me: I hate آپ guys so much...
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posted by CreepyPastaBabe
"Omg, i can not wait for prom!" i کہا to my three best friends, Joleigh,Mary,and Katie. " Yea! me too!" کہا Mary. the other two pitched in and کہا "same here!" and "me three!" "so guys, when do we go shopping for dresses?" i asked we all decided Wednesday after school, sense it was on a Friday. Wednesday comes around and we all get into my car and head to Lakeveiw Mall. Mary picked out a long چیتی, نیلگوں ہرا dress with an open back. Katie picked a medium purple dress with a side bow. Joleigh picked a similar dress but pink. i, picked a medium white dress and bought matching boots. the night before...
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For that special someone who is just out of reach.
paranormal ghost
unwanted houseguest
unwanted house guest
horrifying houseguest
go to sleep
never alone
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shadow demon
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Original story taken from 's /x/ board
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posted by jeff_kira_
hey, my name is Kira. I'm going to tell آپ about my experience.

I was over at a دوستوں place and we both love horror, Ouija boards and Creepypasta. We always read Creepy Pastas late at night to try and scare ourselves. But one night we were lucky enough to meet face-to-face to one of our favourite characters. I would always say, "I wish I could meet Jeff the Killer!" and as they say... be careful what آپ wish for...

It was around1 a.m. when we kept hearing footsteps outside it was getting closer and closer. When my friend (lets call her Stephanie) saw something اقدام past the window I was excited...
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posted by FrostyBlazer
Slender: *grabs Observer*

Observer: Firebrand!

Firebrand: yes sir! [i'm sorry my friends]

*floor catches on fire*

Observer: آپ will burn and suffer!

Hoody: master! we have to get out of here!

Lucius: hey! someone actually makes since!

Slender: *drops Observer*

Toby: not again!

All: *runs out*

Rake: we have to get out of here!

Observer: *pulls out DiPhone* ZALGO! TELEPORT US OUT OF HERE!

Zalgo: huh? oh come on " how I met your mother" is on

Observer: ZALGO!

Zalgo: fine... *opens portal*

Observer: to the portal!

All: *goes through portal*
Observer: I fold

Zalgo: so... what happened?

Observer: He went kamikaze on my as*

SL: like a true wimp

Observer: says the guy that hides in the shadows for a living

SL: oh shut-up!

All: ...

Observer: so... whats up with the whole "when the world ends he lets out sigh" thing?

SL: I bet

Zalgo: its just a thing I created to scare slender

Observer: oh

Zalgo: honestly, if the world ended I would be dancing

SL: ارے it's your turn!

Lucius: i'm sorry, but i'm still trying to figure out how I got here