Critical Analysis of Twilight Twilight Plot Holes Game

EastendersRox posted on Jul 13, 2011 at 04:11PM
*Ok, I am going to write some of the twilight plot hole's here, and you can continue writing them, I am bad at explaining things, so what YOU do is write a few of twilight's plot holes in the comments that I dont have written here*

1. This Plot Hole is from breaking Dawn, en route to Isle Esmee, bella mentions travelling to "the west coast of Rio de Janeiro" There is no west coast of Rio de Janerio or any place in Brazil in a westerly direction, you would eventully end up at the Andes Mountain Range.

2.In New Moon Bella and and Alice reached Voltori in 1, 2 days but it took the voltori like 3 monthes to get to them.

3.And In Twilight bella made pancakes for charlie. But a few paragraphes later, Chief swan was told to be scowling into his cerceal.

4. Why dosent Edward kill bella when she gets her period?

5. How can Meyer say that eating animals is orignal? L.J and Anne Rice both did it before her.

Now you can continue putting in plot holes

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