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snoznoodle posted on Mar 03, 2010 at 01:36AM
I'd like to know what you personally think about Edward Cullen and why. I think it's very interesting that what a lot of fans call "romantic" others call "stalker". The interpretation of his character can go two extremely different ways. What's your opinion?

I used to think he was extremely romantic and gorgeous (*shudder*). Then I started noticing what everyone ELSE was saying about his actions and his character. Suddenly he wasn't so amazing. Right now, I understand why all the anti's hate him. He's possessive and deceptive and keeps Bella hooked like a drug. When your boyfriend leaves and your world is that destroyed, it's not because you're soulmates - it's because you're unhealthily obsessed with him!

I never got round to actually hating him though. Maybe it's just my leftover affection for his character... or it could be the fact that I just don't care that much anymore... or it could be that SMeyer just wrote the book the wrong way. I noticed that when I read Midnight Sun (admittedly back when I was still a fan), the plot was written from Edward's point-of-view and explained a lot of things in Twilight that just sounded immoral and unhealthy.
Here's the draft:

It won't let me copy and paste the text but have a look from page 106 onwards if you're interested. It's the first time Edward went to watch her sleep. It's the moment he realised he was unchangabely in love with her. (This line amused me. "I was repulsed by myself as I watched her toss again. How was I any better than a sick peeping tom? I wasn't any better. I was much, much worse.") If any moment changes your mind about him it's probably this moment. (I just re-read it and wasn't that moved at all actually. So maybe there goes that argument lol. By the way - she is really not a very good writer is she?!)

For me I don't really hate him. I think he's a victim of poor writing and morales. At least in Midnight Sun we learn that he did struggle with his decisions. His intentions were good I guess they just turned out really wrong.

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Babygirl92 said…
I'd have to agree with you. I don't hate him, nor do I love him.
Some of his actions are stalker.ish, some are romantic.
Like breaking into her home and watching her sleep. That's just...wrong on so many different levels.
Or how he had Alice "Kidnap" Bella while he was on his hunting trip...Like,seriously?
Then there's the private island get.away. I thought that was cute.
I actually can't think of too many examples of his being very romantic...Lol. But none the less, it's there. Same with the stalker.ish things.

So I'm neutral on Edward.
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک woofbark said…
Edward? Well.....

Edward has been around for about...what....105 years? He's never really loved anyone (boyfriend/girlfriend love) for some odd reason. Now, since he's done with the idea with love and finally realized after 100 something years he'll never love, he accepts it. He realizes he probably won't have a TRUE romantic relationship.

He grew bored, I think, of immortality. He, for some reason, did not set out to learn and explore. He simply exercized his power to delve into people's mind at will.
Bella comes, and she's such a -SPESHUL SHNOWFLAKE- that Edward cannot read her mind. It's a wake-up call for him, and the power he cherished over his vampire life doesn't work. She also has an enticing smell. Suddenly, the longing to be human and able to love takes over him. But this isn't love he feels. It's more of a relationship someone (I'm sorry to say this!) might have with their dog.

Why do I think this?
-Edward referred to Bella as "my pet." once.
-He watches her sleep. He thinks it's cute.
-Edward forcibly contains her in his house. However, he tries to make things nice for her. Almost like we keep our dogs in our house, but still expect them to love us (which they do)
-Edward controls who Bella sees and does (He stops her from going to apologize to a heart-broken, crushed Jacob!). Like he has her on a leash. THat's controlling.

So what does Edward wanting to control Bella's life have to do with stalking? Well, he wants to see where she is at all times and what she's doing. He follows her to "make sure she's safe."

He takes trouble to sneak into her window so he can watch her sleep.

He obsesses over her. He tries to commit suicide (using sparkling) for her. He wants to be with her every second. That is, I think, obsession. So, why do I bring this up? Well....

Dictionary def. of "stalk"-

To follow persistantly and obsessively (the celebrity remarks that her fans seem to stalk her)

Hmm. Edward follows Bella persistantly. And he is obsessive. Therefore, I think Edward is a stalker. However, he is a stalker in love. He is a ROMANTIC stalker. And, in the end, he gives up stalking, too.

So, Edward is stalker-ish, possessive, and controlling. He lusts over Bella, and she does the same. However, they do end up living happily together, with their half-human half-vampire child, all stalker-ishness forgotten by the end of BD.