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sarabeara said:
OMG! AHAHAHA! My favorite line was "Breaking Dawn was rejected by a lot of fans, who became irritated when Meyer tried to include a plot. One fan of the Twilight series said, "OmE!!!(Oh my Edward)!!Wat i opend the book n lyk stuff happnd inside n i was lyk ome dis is awfull!!!It was all just them doin stuff n stuff happenin and bella n edward never got 2 sit n jus say romantic stuff 2 eachother!!!!Ther were lyk no sparklezz! An there was a baby!!! An it will sparkle 2!!!"

LMAO!!! I also love how they said "Twitards"
Thanks for posting! I've been laughing non-stop for minutes! :)
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katiecain said:

That is all.

Seriously though, that's the funniest thing I have read in a long, long time.
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alexajaye said:
Sometimes, really late at night when I read stuff like this, I really wish that I could reach into all the Twilight books and take out all the good characters to give them the proper story they deserve. I would even take Edward and Jacob from her so she couldn't fawn over them. Yep. That sounds like a good idea.
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Normally I hate Uncyclopedia, but this is surprisingly true.

P.S. Trying to make up parody names for New Moon and Eclipse. I have the first and last books covered, but can you guys help me out for the second and third?

EDIT: Don't worry. I've got them covered now, although the Eclipse one is an acronym and therefore rather long.
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