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Despite cancellation predictions regarding CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, CBS president Nina Tassler contradicted all rumors when she spoke to reporters at the TCA press tour.

“Both are doing incredibly well in new time periods, دیا what was there before,” she stated. “As long as those shows continue to be competitive and as long as شائقین continue to watch those shows, they’ll continue to stay on the air.“

Tassler added that “both shows have opened up مزید to reveal the مزید personal elements of [characters'] lives. Add in the Sela Ward character (Jo Danville) on CSI: NY this سال and I think we certainly know from audiences and from research that people were interested in her personal life.“

Let’s hope she is right and we’ll get another season of CSI: NY that is hopefully as case driven as season seven. Nevertheless keep in mind that nothing has been officially confirmed yet, so we won’t know for sure if there will be a season eight until it’s publicly announced سے طرف کی CBS.