Partner for Hawkes?
Q: How does it feel to be FOTM again?
A: Wow! Thank آپ so much for this :)

Q: آپ get a chance to be a character on the show, what is:
* Your character’s name: Allison "Ali" Jones
* Occupation: CSI of course.
* Storyline: CSI transfered from Wisconsin. Hawkes new partner (I don't think he really has one). Her mother was also a CSI and died on the job, grew up with her father.

Q: If آپ had the power to pair up 2 of the characters on the show, who would they be & why?
A: Mac and Stella because they belong together. <3

Q: The team forms a band, what would they call themselves and who would play what instrument?
A: The NYC's.

Lead vocals: Danny and Don
Backing: Lindsay and Jo
Guitar: Mac
Bass: Stella
Drums: Adam
Saxophone: Hawkes
Violin: Jess
Maracas: Sid ;P

Q: Someone in the group finds out that they are still married from a past trip to Vegas, who is it?
A: Either Adam یا Hawkes. LOL

Q: How do آپ think season 8 should begin?
A: Two words... Sargent Messer!!:P

Q: What would آپ like to change about the دکھائیں from what you’ve seen so far?
A:Aiden AND Lindsay would be on the show. I'd like to see what would have happened.