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I've noticed a severe key-wording problem on this spot. It is NOT just one person, so no one think that I'm trying to single someone out and make them feel bad. It's a LOT of people.

People are (slowly) learning to credit the images they add, which is GREAT. This gives the proper credit to whoever created or owns the image. But keywords are JUST as important.

If you don't have key words in your images, no one will find them when they search. As you can see, there are plenty of images under "icons." And when someone is searching for, say, just icons of Grissom, it would be easier for them if they could filter by that key word. But if you uploaded a bunch of Billy/Grissom icons but only keyworded it as "CSI" then your icons won't show up, which means they might as well not be there at all.

Say you upload an icon a livejournal user made of Catherine and Sara together. In the keywords, you could add SO MANY THINGS, the least of which being:

csi, crime scene investigations, las vegas, catherine willows, sara sidle, jorja fox, marg helgenberger, image, icon

And yes, you might want to add "icon" into your key words so Google picks it up too.

You see? This makes for MUCH easier searching on the part of the finder.

AND your images will get a higher rating from me.

My system:

No credit, no/one/two key words: 1 star (yes, I will dare to one-star your image no matter how good it is).

No credit, three/four/five or more key words: 2 stars

Credit, no/one/two key words: 3 stars

Credit, three/four/five or more key words: 4-5 stars (depending on image quality, how many applicable key words, etc).

PLEASE key word your images! If you want to improve your ratings, believe me it will help a LOT!

link is an example of a well key-worded and credited image.
link by another user.

Keep in mind! Screen shots belong to Jerry Bruckheimer Television and affiliates!!!
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