CSI Seattle.. CSI?

Graciegrl77 posted on May 09, 2008 at 01:39AM
Do any of you like to RP here? Ever think you'd like to try your hand at it?

A friend of mine and I were looking for a site to 'sink our teeth into', and then.. well we kind of came up with one of our own!

We're a bit different. We like to consider it more 'interactive storytelling'. You bring your character, Cannon, or original, and you bring their backstory!

Seattle's a big city, with lots of room to expand your character's wings.

Why not 'take the leap'? Grab up your favourite character, from any CSI, or any other show likely to be appearing on the scene.. (We have a hospital.. House? Greys Anatomy? Maybe Criminal Minds, Law and Order.. what can you come up with?) Come check out our site, and see who you can contribute.

Heres the Ad, to give you a better idea:

Do you have a story to tell?

Do you want to be part of a bigger story?

Ever feel like just jetting off to Seattle?

Welcome to Imaginatives. A CSI based role play. Set in the vibrant, eclectic city of Seattle, many lives and many stories are constantly crossing paths. Weaving the fabric of our 'Interactive Fiction' site. Cannon Characters from all three CSIs are welcome, along with any original character of your own creation! Maybe you have a character from a different show, that you always thought would be fun to put in the CSI surroundings. Bring them over! The city is huge, theres plenty of room for everyone.

We like to consider ourselves an 'Interactive Story Telling' site, to let writers stretch the wings of their characters. Though the storyline is based around Seattle's Crime Lab, plots branch out from there. Whether your character is involved in the lab, or just carries on a day to day life in Seattle, its all part of the bigger story.

We're looking for writers, who want to get to know their characters. Who's characters want to get to know others. This is not a fast paced RP. Rather a chance to contribute to an ongoing story.

So pack your bags, and don't forget your back-story! Seattle welcomes you, through Imaginatives.


Questions? Comments? General observations? Email: Scsimaginatives@gmail.com


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