CSI CSI Episode Titles and SPOILERS for Season 9

Cinders posted on Feb 19, 2009 at 09:30PM
Oh my God, I got SO EXCITED when I read the season finale episode spoilers on TV.Com.

Here's a list and descriptions for future episodes in season 9 through to the finale.

15. Kill Me If You Can
The CSIs are called to three different crime scenes in one night that are seemingly unrelated, but each case's forensic evidence reveals a common link.

16. Turn, Turn, Turn
When the CSIs are called to a murder scene at a familiar motel, Nick is thrown for a loop as he pieces together three separate murder investigations that all took place at the same establishment over the course of a year.

17. Cold Rats
A body is discovered in a ravine. It turns out to be a casino owner who worked with Catherine's father Sam Braun.

18. Mascara
A murder takes place in the world of Mexican wrestling (Lucha Libre) and our CSIs must solve the crime.

19. The Decent of Man
When a seasoned sky diver is paralyzed after free falling to earth when his parachute doesn't deploy, he turns out to be linked to the strange death-by-airborne-toxins of two wealthy men with ties to Iran.

20. Stokes on Duty
While at a crime scene Nick is forced to shoot a suspect after he pulls a gun on him. When witnesses start to all say that the man was unarmed Nick is put under investigation. So the rest of the team works to solve the case and clear his name before Internal Affairs terminates him.

21. Case of Mistaken Identity
The team arrives at the scene of a triple homicide in a supposedly quiet neighborhood where a little girl witnessed her entire family getting killed. The only thing the team has to go on is the girl's description of a scar on the man's arm. Also, Nick is back on duty after his recent run in with Internal Affairs.

22. LVPD
After a convict is killed in prison the media starts to swarm and the team is put under the microscope to solve the case.

23. It's A Tough Job, But Catherine's Gotta Do It
In the first part of the two part season finale, a member of the drug task force is murdered in an explosion which leads the team to a deadly street gang. Sergeant Curtis helps the team to solve the murder and to take down the gang. Also, the lab techs must take polygraph tests because it is suspected that there is a mole inside the lab.

24. It's A Tough Job, But Raymond's Gotta Do It
In the conclusion of the two part season finale, the team stands by as Riley and Hodges are held hostage by the gang in the drug house. Greg does something that could end his career as a CSI.


So I don't know about you, but this looks like an exciting end to the season! What do you guys think? Which episodes are you looking forward to? (I know I'll definitely tune in for "Stokes On Duty" and the finale!)

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک rlv said…
ye ep 24 should be interesting
poor riley stuck with hodges lol

p.s. your icon's funny =P
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Cinders said…
They've removed Cold Rats and Stokes On Duty from the line-up, which bothers me a little because I was looking forward to both of them.

Also, they removed Greg's role from the finale, with really pisses me off. Why do they have to go and change things last minute?

New eps replacing "Stokes" and "Rats":

Episode 17: No Way Out
Langston and Riley are taken hostage during the aftermath of a shootout in an usually calm Las Vegas community.

Episode 20: To Boldly Go
When the "star" of Astro Quest Redux is found murdered at a science fiction convention, assorted freaks and geeks are obliged to boldly go under the scrutiny of the CSI team.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Councilman said…
Spoiler alert; "The Decent of Man" starts with sky divers jumping out over Perris CA. with Lake Perris and the snow covered San Bernardino & or San Gorgonio Mountains clearly seen in the back ground as they decend, and that is no where near Las Vegas. I know theY're all filmed in and around L.A. but come on this was too obvious to let slide. Besides I could have seen my house if the camera turned a little to the right. lol
I was also amused to see that one of the deaths was caused by an involuntary fying desert tortoise.
This doesn't mean I don't enjoy the show, cause I do.
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