CSI Notice anything different about Marg Helgenberger

Councilman posted on May 02, 2009 at 02:47PM
I was watching the latest episode "The Gone Dead Train" and I said to my self. Wait a minute Marg doesn't seem to have have any wrinkles any more. Then I remembered reading that she had filed for divorce recently from he husband of 19 years and that's when it hit me. Some sort of big time facial treatment has come into play here. Marg looks pretty darn good compared to some who make big changes. I'm thinking the reason is the divorce or the other way around. Now I had no idea she was 50 years old wow, I would have guessed in her mid 40s or so before what ever changed. Now I'd say for sure she looks in her early 40s max. This will make it easier to see younger guys if she chooses to.
By the way if someone will explain to me how the title of this episode has anything to do with Bats with rabies that would be nice. Finally somehow the show's not the same without Grissom but Fishburn is starting to grow on me.

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