Daenerys Targaryen New Spot Look (2014) Submissions Closed

twilightlover73 posted on Jan 24, 2014 at 12:21PM
I asked if you guys wanted a new spot look in a link and most of you said yes. So here's where you submit your suggestions of banners, icons, and mottos.

Now the banners and icons don't have to be made by you, however please credit the ones that did make them if you can. Do say you got it from an unknown source if you cannot, otherwise I won't count them in. And please don't claim any icons or banners as yours, otherwise I won't count them in either.
Fanpop seems to distort some 100x100 icons so I suggest you submit icons larger than that (preferrably 200x200 or 300x300), but still square, and obviously not animated.
Banners should be 800x100.

I don't want to extend this for a long time, so I'll set the deadline a week from now, which will be January 31st.
Then I'll make picks (or polls for those who don't know for whatever reason) allowing fans to vote on your suggestions. The picks will also run for a week.
For those who don't want the spot look changed, I will include the old banner, icon, and motto in the picks as well.

Let's start, shall we?
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