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A place where we can post and talk about the last spoilers !

Got any Bonnie scoop on The Vampire Diaries? I feel like we've barely seen her this season. — Jessica
NATALIE: She may want to make herself even scarcer. Why? Her absentee mom is coming to town! And from what we understand, Abby Bennett is quite a handful. Bonnie definitely gets her fiery determination from her mother. But it'll be a fruitful visit, backstory-wise. We'll finally learn what led Abby to abandon her daughter.

Question: Do you have any news about a possible hook-up between Damon and Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries? I know it happens in the books. —Giovanni

Ausiello: Is there anything in the books about a romance between Bonnie and a charismatic-yet-troubled duded named Jamie? Because I’m fairly certain that’s happening. Not so sure about Damon-Bonnie.

Jaimie, Bonnie new love interest is coming in episode 12 Robert Ri'chard (played Mason on Veronica Mars) is taking on the potentially recurring role of Jamie when the hit show returns in January.

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Hi Sandra! How are you today? I hope all is well. Now, with the courtesies out of the way, I was hoping you had some Bonnie scoopage. :D — Mary

When Mandi Bierly spoke to Julie Plec yesterday about the midseason finale, she got some extra details on what fans can expect when Bonnie’s mom, Abby Bennett (Persia White), makes her debut in episode 12, which Plec said she’s currently writing. “In our show, we’ve met a series of Bennett witches. Obviously it is something that seems to have been passed down from generation to generation,” she says. “The lineage of these witches, with Grams and Emily Bennett, has been very important to our show, and Bonnie’s heritage has been very important to the mythology. So it’s about time that we ask ourselves who her mother is, and what her mother might be capable of as a witch or not a witch, and where the hell she is.” Also juicy? We will find out exactly what’s been keeping Mama away from Mystic Falls and her daughter.
 A place where we can post and talk about the last spoilers ! ►[b][u]Got any Bonnie scoop on The
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