Damon & Bonnie Elena Gilbert was the reason Grams died?

HindEssa posted on Dec 28, 2011 at 07:11PM
Hey everyone.

So yesterday i re watched the episode 'Fool me once' Season 01.
I began to think about grams death.
Bonnie blames Damon, but Is it really Damon's fault?
We knew that Bonnie hated Damon for trying to kill her, and then hates him even more because she thinks it was all Damon's fault that her grams died.
But truth be told it was actually Elena Gilbert's fault.
She said that she would help Damon bring Katherine back. But Elena didn't actually do anything. She just convinced Bonnie and grams to help him, and who had to pay the price? Grams did.
What I am trying to say is, if Elena didn't say to Bonnie that they should help Damon getting Katherine out of the Tomb, all this wouldn't have happened, and then Bonnie wouldn't have spendes
all that time hating the wrong person.
I mean Damon didn't threaten Bonnie and grams to help him right?
And it isn't that I dont like Elena. It's just that sometimes she REALLY annoys me. She's trying to save everybody's asses, but really, what can she do? She's a human!

So this was what I had in mind, and I would really love to hear your opinion about this.

Love ^^

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Saku15 said…
OMG! That's true! I love this idea. She always steps foolish actions and she doesn't think about herself in the other people're situation. When Bonnie tried to kill Klaus (2X18) she did that step because of her, but Elena said that she doesn't want that somebody's death because of her life. She didn't remember how much Bonnie likes her (just like her sister) and if she isn't able to help her, she'll "die" because of the pain.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک HindEssa said…
I am very glad you agree, and I do too agree with you!:)
Elena is always trying to step in and play the hero, but if you have actually watched all the episodes of Season 03, you can see that when Alaric were trying to help her learn to fight a vampire, she couldn't figure out to aim at the "doll's" heart. If it were Bonnie, she would just look at it, and set it's ass on fire!:D
If it weren't for Elena and her stupid decision's thinking that she is always right, maybe Bonnie & Damon would at least be friends. But I kinda like it where Bonnie and Damon is right now. I mean they are so funny, when they are at each others presence.
Gotta love Bamon!^^<3