Damon & Bonnie WTBH Bonnie is Selfish Hope for New Witches اگلے Season?!!!!

DamonsLilBird posted on Apr 27, 2012 at 03:32PM
So I was looking for those yummy scenes of Bamon from 3x20 and saw the promo for 3x21. I could'nt belive I saw bloody hateful comments about Bonnie being selfish, and that she needed to manky grow the flip up. Really who tells a gur that who lost her grams, boyfriend even mum to supernatural crap? these are the lovers and haters.....

Lover Comments:


The fact that Alaric is a vampire is ESTHER'S fault. And Bonnie is a witch, it doesn't matter how much we like the personalities of the vampires in question or how 'hot' they look, from the point of view of humanity everywhere it WOULD be better if every vampire died and unlike Esther (who's a mother and really should put family first) the only thing the Salvatores or the Mikaelsons have done for her is hurt her (over and over and over again).


Hater Respond:

no one is complaining about what bonnie did because its obvious that its Esther's fault. That being said, she is still the most annoying character in the series. So, I hope they have new witches join the show who actually want to help unlike her as she complains about it all the time. The salvatores have hurt Elena, Matt, Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler, Alaric...etc. So why is bonnie the only one who is always being selfish? Time to grow up Bonnie!

Bonnie Lover2:

Bonnie is being selfish? she has done everything to help the salvators and elena at the expence of her mother. and the only thing she gets in return is an ass-crack apology from damon. he didn´t even mean it. so don´t say she is selfish. everytime damon and stefan want something they go to bonnie. she is just the go-to girl, they don´t even say a lousy thank you.


Bonnie Lover:

This might be because I actually like Bonnie, but in my opinion the difference comes from the fact that where the other characters have been all exposed to the Salvatore brothers bad side they have also have had genuine moments where they could see the good in them. When did Stefan or Damon do anything good for her without having selfish reasons? In her relationship with the brothers there's no good to outweigh or even simply rival the bad. Oh and ALL the characters often act selfishly.



No Bonnie is a bitch, always has been. I wished that she did die when Alaric bit her,

youboob6022.(this person actually got thumb up six times Wow can you say bloody lame.)

Of course meh gotta add my manky comments in this trio of hate and love it wouldnt be the same, without a mocking redbird coming threw.


tell me about it I laugh the show is feeding from Buffy who knows you might see two brothers, who can kick butt and look good in blue jean jackets. One might be called Ham and the other Lean.

IanKatRul3s in reply to TheFarscapeProect747(Show the comment) 3 minutes ago.

BamonLover(MEh Again):

how is she a u kno? I dnt curse anymore too much. I mean are you guys watching wat Im watching or are you one of the many DE fans, who are racist? I seen the comments and I all I can say is wow GROW UP!

IanKatRul3s in reply to youboob6022(Show the comment) 2 minutes ago.

What do you mates think about what their bloody saying? An how do ya feel about our troopies meh too and our war fight?

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک ginbell84 said…
good post
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک DamonsLilBird said…
thnk u mate.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک vampgurl2005BxD said…
Where was this???? And first off I think that Bonnie was possessed. Secondly I see Bonnie hate all the time and it makes me mad. It's always over the stupidest things too. Bonnie doesn't put up with Damon's crap and I honestly can't blame her after everything she has been through. She tells him straight up when he is wrong and puts him in his place. She actually gets through to him for a short while at least. She represents something that all girls should look up to and admire. Being strong and not letting Damon walk all over her, so what exactly is wrong with her? Am I watching the same show or what?? Hating Bonnie for not putting up with Damon's crap is like hating a woman for leaving her abusive husband. Since when is being strong and intelligent a bad thing? Okay I am done with my rant lol
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک MadamXGurl said…

@vampgurl2005BxD so true it looks like now days if a person doesn't agree with your fav they need to go . bonnie has her beliefs and she moves towards them just like Damon does only thing bonnie beliefs or actions doesn't always head up in a blood battle one but saving their lives . i don't get why people hate her cause if Damon or Stefan come up with an idea to do some thing or go against some one then every one is on their side but since it is bonnie , every one hates her and called her a bitch . she has every right to hate Damon and even Stefan cause all of the bad thing happen to her cause of them
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک vampgurl2005BxD said…
Exactly! I think Bonnie's haters are mostly DE fans that realize that Bonnie is Elena's only true competition and this scares them
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک lacage0 said…
I think they see the DE writing on the wall. Notice when dopple advise or says something to him he usually does the opposite. When Bonnie says something to him or call him on it he takes the words to heart. Case in point, she mentioned he had choices but his only ends up hurting someone in the end, he gave Alaric a choice on a quick death by him or Meredith's way. Meredith pointed that out and Damon mentioned a comment on his making of controversial choices of late (aka reference to Bamon convo earlier)