Damon & Bonnie Your hopes for Bamon come Season 3?

Tigerlily888 posted on May 26, 2011 at 09:02PM
My hope is that Bonnie will tell Elena and Damon-she going to save Stefan. Damon and Bonnie trick Elena and leave her behind so Bamon set out on the quest together.

They make a campfire in the woods as they track Klaus and chat and flirt...whatever then Klaus and Stefan capture Bonnie-Stefan tries to set her free BUT DAMON comes and rescues her!

FOR BAMON to happen Damon needs to save Bonnie-she's saved him alot with not much impact on the relationship as he never thanks her so he needs to save her-so his feelings are proven and she will have to be grateful! Or she SAVES him very dramatically the he saves her! PERFECT!

ANYONE AGREE! This could happen
 My hope is that Bonnie will tell Elena and Damon-she going to save Stefan. Damon and Bonnie trick Ele
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک BB8fan said…
This would be SPECTACULAR, TigerLily!! And it could SO happen!! Thanks for posting this! I LOVE reading about people's future hopes and dreams for Bamon!! A small one of mine is that Bonnie has to drink his blood to be healed of something, and vice versa with Damon drinking hers! I want a blood exchange between those two! I have SO many high hopes and dreams with this pair, because there's SO many POSSIBILITIES with them! But I've learned to stray away from specificalities and LONG daydreaming because it makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the writers to live up to!! THEY CAN'T LIVE UP TO OUR BAMON FANTASIES!! But they can do a DARN good job TRYING, and it'll be easier if we don't try to ANTICIPATE their every move! Lol. I guess I just needed to fit in some words of wisdome, idk. Sorry about it! I guess what I'm saying is, let's DREAM and FANTASIZE endlessly, but let's KNOW that Bamon is a SLOW BURN (This is why I LOVE it!!) and the writers might not go in the direction we expect with them! They WILL happen though! ;) In the meantime, let's keep this list of season 3 fantasies going!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک AngelGirl1992 said…
Her drinking his blood a plus. Him drinking HER BLOOD. Honestly that won't happen for a long time. But when the times comes and Bonnie offers her blood to him, I hope he refuses just like in the books. And Bonnie ABSOLUTELY needs to offer her blood from her neck. So Damon could kiss her neck then biting her. Okay I am getting WAY TO FAR WITH THIS LOL LOL LOL
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