Dan and Blair They were chair شائقین and now they are only dair fans. They´re reasons, here.

BeautifulLover posted on Mar 02, 2011 at 09:02PM
1/I was a Chair fan but Chuck was so selfish with Blair & now I see that Dan is the only one that can love and treat Blair as she deserves. I love this new couple and I'll support "Dair".
2/I WAS a total Chair shipper, and i still think that they have much chemistry.
But COME ON! Would you take back a guy like Chuck if you were Blair, after all he has done to her, selling her like a dog to his uncle, hurting her again and again?! NO. You wouldn't. And also: Chuck already had 2 new girlfriends after his relationship with Blair. Shouldn't Blair get a chance to be happy? And obviously, Dan is the one that can MAKE her happy. He understands her and listens to her,Chuck rarely did that.
3/For the first time in a long time, I'm really excited to see a new episode of Gossip Girl, and it´s only for Dair. Chair is dead to me now.
4/He's so selfish and .. by now .. I don't like him, I totally prefer Dair <3 !
5/I was a huge Chair fan but now Im getting sick of Chuck. In the third season he loves blair, then trades her for a hotel. Then he sleeps with Jenny and then wants to marry Blair. Then he is in love with Eva, who changed him so much for the better, then loves Raina and lies to her and gets mad at nate for liking her, blablabla... Then he needs Blair to listen to his problems and wants to ruin Dair. Like WTF?!
6/I really don't understand Chuck ! just a few episodes ago he was like: "Raina is the love of my life and blablabla" and know when the "time Raina" is over, he suddenly cares all over again for Blair while she's been waiting for him during which seems to be a lifetime ; Don't get me wrong I love Chuck but this time he scr*wed up , Big time !
I like Blair and Dan's relationship, it's like they found each other (they were both alone at the same time when serena and Chuck frolicked) to be friends!
7/When it's love u crie,laugh,but with chuck she always cries i mean come on they kiss fight kiss fight and shewas in love with him even though He cheated ... on her.Forgive me i just see that she is the one who was in love in all this time ,chuck is in love with everybody he is a man whore face it =) and now when everything breaks down for him he wants Balir that is not love.
8/Dan and Blair have incredible  chemistry, in fact they've always had it Let's Face It Blair and Chuck are not in love they just have sexsual chemestry that is not enough , Chuck bring out the worst in Blair Dan always bring out the best she is happy with him and she always cry when she is with Chuck. ....
9/She describes her kiss with Dan as a life changing experience, so meant to be!!!
She never talked about Chuck or Nate's kiss like that!
Im done with Chair.
10/Whenever Chuck is upset or just need a emotional punching bag then he goes for Blair and then Blair in return gets hurt and he shouldn't be able to do that anymore!! And as for Serena.... she should stop taking Dan for granted and testing him!! Both S and C need a wake up call!! And this is it I think (as much as I hate this)! Dan and Blair can do better than Chuck and Serena!! Which is why I am rooting for them Go Dair!!.
I probably will found more reasons but is not really necessary, Dair is fate and Chair fans start to realizing that :)
I found all of this on youtube:
 1/I was a Chair پرستار but Chuck was so selfish with Blair & now I see that Dan is the only one that

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک ForeverChair said…
Just wait and see... There is no more Dair... You will see Dair is fnished(not started already... Chair comes back again...
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک xlovingbunnies said…
Just don't bash us, mmk? ^ We have good opinions, so do you. But I don't see that many Dair fans in the Chair club because we're afraid of getting cyber-killed.