Dan and Blair I just read this مضمون and I think آپ need to read it.

BeautifulLover posted on May 17, 2011 at 02:19PM
This wonderful girl said:
I’m a 27 years girl who watched almost every american tv show of the last 20 years. I always watched everything with some kind of detachment…I always tried to mantain a suitable distance from situations that don’t belong to real life. I cry sometimes, but it’s ok I suppose, but I never felt psysically sick watching a scene, even when there is a murder going on. Never EVER in the last 20 years I wanted to throw up watching a scene of something that it’s not “real”. EVER.
It’s happened this morning watching all the Chuck and Blair scenes, I had to skip ahead of a few seconds because I felt really sick. Why? I was thinking about the little girls watching this. I was thinking What if they are going to believe that is ok to be abused because this is what is going to happen in the end, the man goes all I want you to be happy and that’s it. What if? It’s not ok, because most of the time you forget who you are, you are beaten up so mad that your body just can’t it anymore, sometimes…you even die. Just remember that there is a thin line between psychological abuse and physical abuse and nothing is going to stop him from crossing the line.
Jesus… you suck so much Gossip Girl, so much it’s not even funny.

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک cizzi-B said…
Woah...yeah I mean maybe it wasn't supposed to be seen as abuse,but THATS what it came out as.I was actually scared for Blair watching the scenes especially at the hotel I mean he punched the glass right above her head!what?was he not supposed to know that some glass would fall on her *rolls eyes*If there going to have a chair endgame they shouldn't have done this...which is why I can't ship chair anymore and now ship dair(sorry for ranting had to get it off my chest :))