Ahh..we finally get the DVD that we have been waiting for. Sure, it's been 8 years, but we can't complain, I mean, MTV has treated this دکھائیں greatly in the past and present with the constant re-runs they show, and also, the constant commercials seen all over TV for the DVD release. I mean, c'mon, they shove shitty reality shows down our throats and refuse to دکھائیں موسیقی videos, but hey, we should be praising MTV for doing this!! Thank you!!

Now lets cut the shit and اقدام on shall we?

First, the Fuck You's:

Fuck آپ #1: MTV. آپ treat this دکھائیں like absolute shit and give it to your lesser "The N" network and censor the shit out of it. On سب, سب سے اوپر of that, آپ hardly air any commercials for your viewers to know that this DVD is coming out.
Fuck آپ #2: The N. Pretty self explanatory. Just read above. ^
Fuck آپ #3: Who ever designed the DVD cover. Give me 15 منٹ in Photoshop and I can make something that looks 50X better than that shit. And I'm not even that good at Photoshop.
Fuck آپ #4: Who ever did these special features. I mean, seriously? This is all we get? No commentary? No Look Back In Annoyance? No individual cast interviews? آپ had over a سال to work on this. What the hell!
Fuck آپ #5: Who ever decided to put it in that shitty, generic box. This is a COMPLETE SERIES!!! LOOK AT EVERY OTHER COMPLETE SERIES EVER MADE AND COMPARE IT TO THIS. WHAT....THE....FUCK!! I mean really MTV? Again, a سال and this is what we get? Look at seasons of The Simpsons, That 70's Show, South Park, and Futurama. Thats how آپ box a fucking TV series on DVD. Not this shitty generic HighSpots.com-like packaging. [All the indy wrestling شائقین out there know what I mean.]
Fuck آپ #6: Who ever didn't want to make a simple booklet with a فہرست of episodes. I hate guessing which DVD it's on. Just a simple slip of paper with a list!! That's it!!!

Those are pretty much all of my complaints. Now for the positive things...

Well, like hardly advertised, آپ get every single episode of Daria in its fullest. Yes, like آپ have heard, the موسیقی is altered, but it's not that bad. Another huge plus is that it is reasonably priced. This is mainly because of the price to make these. I paid about $55 for mine with a shirt, and I gotta say it's a pretty good deal. Overall, I do think [even though it may not seem like it] that the good overshadows the bad. آپ get all of the Daria epicness that آپ love, it's in better quality than that torrent آپ have been watching it on [yeah, we all have], and it is at a good price. مجموعی طور پر I'd give it a 7.0-8.0. The دکھائیں itself is a 10, but I'm saying سے طرف کی DVD standards.

Pick it up, it's totally worth it, and tell MTV آپ want a re-release!