I personally LOVE David Archuleta! And I know deep down in my دل he is the rightfull winner of american Idol (I hope آپ are reading this David A.). One night my mom and I were watching American Idol and my mom saw David's last name(archuleta) when she started having a hissy fit! It was hilarious! I had no idea why. When I asked her she کہا "In Spanish chuleta means PORKCHOP!" (I forgot to tell my family is hispanic) She says that if he lived in a Spanish-speaking country he would be made fun of so much! And then I told her David A. was hispanic. LOL I have an inside joke with my mom now! I <333 PORKCHOP!

- my mom almost cooked porkchops for the finale but she کہا "That would be too many chuletas in one night!" LOL my whole family loves آپ david!