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This David Boreanaz تصویر contains کاروبار سوٹ and بزنس سوٹ. There might also be سوٹ, کپڑے کا سوٹ, لباس سوٹ, مکمل لباس, tailcoat, پونچھ کوٹ, دم, سفید ٹائی, سفید ٹائی اور دم, تالکوت, and دم کوٹ.

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i know that the video is a little bit old but i think it is good to be on fanpop even and now! :) ENJOY! ;) xD :P
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Born on May 16th 1969 in Buffalo, New York.
He is the third child and only son of David Sr. (– the family moved to Villanova, PA in 1978 as his father had just taken up a position on WPVI, Channel 6 he goes سے طرف کی the Professional name of Dave Roberts and is a WPVI weatherman in Philadelphia where David grew up - ) and Patti.
David’s two sisters are Beth and Bo. Beth is the mother of his niece, Caledonia (1994) and his nephew, Griffin(1997).

David attended Rosemont School of the Holy Child graduating in 1983 at the age of 14 years. He then moved on to
Malvern Prep. School, a private...
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