An example of an object آپ could use.
A handy-dandy Wikihow مضمون on how to make a horcrux, for all آپ aspiring Dark witches and wizards out there!

1. Become an extremely powerful witch یا wizard. This will take years of study and sacrifice which lie beyond the scope of a WikiHow article. As a general guide آپ should not attempt to create a horcrux until آپ can cast non-verbal killing curses.

2. Locate an object of extreme significance to you. An emotional attachment to the object will aid the process and make it easier on your body and soul.

3. Bathe in the Water of Sorrows and eat 1 cup of paste made from the Herb of Undeath no sooner than 12 hours before committing the principal act of the ritual.

4. Cast the preliminary incantation in the presence of your object. Bring your wand from hanging medial at your side to in front of your دل at approximately 45 degrees from your waist. At this point آپ should flick the wand in a circular fashion 146 degrees and then whip it outwards to the full extension of your limb. During this last movement issue the following command: "Voces fallacis amicae"

5. Perform an act of unspeakable evil while carrying the object آپ wish to turn into a horcrux. Murder is dirty but very effective in this regard.

6. Within 15 منٹ of performing the act, clutch the object آپ wish to turn into a horcrux with both hands and yell the following incantation: "Diabolus fecit, ut id facerem!"

7. آپ will lose consciousness. This is a normal part of the process. When آپ have awoken the object in your hands will be a horcrux. آپ will feel very different (some have described the feeling as if آپ are "half empty") and will have an almost motherly affection to the object.

8. Cast protective spells on and around the horcrux, and do not tell anyone of its existence. آپ must eliminate anyone that finds out.


Although آپ should choose objects which are significant to you, be careful not to choose objects that can be linked to آپ with relative ease. This will generally send hordes of jealous followers یا irritating enemies out to destroy your horcrux, leaving آپ half a soul closer to death.

Don't ask your potions master about the creation of horcruxes, as it may undo all of your plans at a later تاریخ when he feels sympathy for a boy whose parents آپ killed a decade earlier. It is easier to figure out the general process through this wikiHow article, through کتابیں in your school لائبریری (please remember to wear an Invisibility چادر, فرغل while browsing to avoid attracting attention), یا ask general advice from the Dark Lord himself (avoid seeming too curious, یا he may see آپ as a threat and set out to destroy your horcruxes).

Don't make your horcrux your pet snake. Remember, driving somone's parents to insanity MAY make them want to destroy you.


Do not attempt to تقسیم, الگ کریں your soul into seven pieces. It sounds very fashionable but will turn آپ into a psychopathic maniac, assuming آپ are not one already. (Note: If آپ are a psychopathic maniac, it may be simpler to avoid the process all together, as it will simply cause آپ to appear مزید unhinged and cause man to avoid you).
When a teenage wizard comes to challenge آپ without a weapon in the midst of an epic battle, DO NOT attempt to kill him with the same curse which has already backfired on three گزشتہ occasions. He probably knows something that آپ don't.

Don't even bother trying to find the Deathly Hallows. Honestly, just don't.
While a teenage wizard is attempting to make an epic fight-to-the-death speech, realize that آپ do not need to listen to him. It would be much simpler to just perform the Avada Kedavra (Killing) Curse on the spot (or at least use the Cruciatus Curse.)But also remember warning #2 just in case

Do not leave behind any memories people may have that your old professor could use to figure out your plan and annihilate your horcruxes