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posted by Death_Slayer
this are سوالات i always get ..

Q:what's your name??

A:My name is Wesley but everyone calls me Wes^.^

Q:where is your hometown??

A:The Big City NYC

Q:are u really Single??


Q:how old are you??

A: 15

Q:why u dont look 15 in your pixs??

A:I have no idea.

Q:are u bi,gay something???

A:nop, im Straight,sorry guys .

Q:Are u a drummer??

A:Yes i am

Q:what kind of set do u have??

A:i play a P.M. (Pear Mater) Kit ^.^.

Q: are آپ in a band???

A: nop i just play b/c it's fun..but i have played for some of my friends^.^

Q:why are u always online??

A:im not always online..i have i just leave my CP on 24/7

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