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 Aborted fetus
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A collage of a aborted fetus's. I am not sure how many are real, but i think most are. مزید info in تبصرے
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This Debate تصویر might contain abattoir, butchery, shambles, and slaughterhouse.

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We have a lot of problems in our world. Some issues are things that would be prevalent no matter what. But I firmly believe that the main cause of the majority of problems in our world is human closed mindedness. Think of how many issues we could avoid if we could just open our minds to other ideas, and think how much مزید advanced we could be. Here are a few examples of issues that could be avoided if we could open our minds to other ideas.

There are many people who hate a group of people just because their skin is a different colour than their own. But really, if آپ think about it,...
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These days, our culture is rapidly evolving and society is begging for مزید and مزید things in the line of wifi, touchpads, and apps. To an average person, an adequate phone has to include internet and something یا other that slides out. People just aren't like they used to be, and, for lack of a better word, want fancy-shmancy gadgets that have at least three uses. Just ask any elderly person and they'll tell you.

I'm sure that most of us have heard of kindles and/or nooks. They're what we call ebook readers. In case you're confused about an ebook reader's purpose, it's basically a slim and...
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I was going to call them the "Ten Commandments" but felt someone might be offended سے طرف کی that (either a religious person thinking I'm blasphemous یا a secularist thinking I'm دکھانا a bias towards religion. Lose, lose, آپ see). Also, I couldn't come up with ten rules.

So instead, observe the Golden Rules of the Debate Spot.

1) RESPECT your fellow debaters. They believe what they do for a reason just like آپ do. As opposed to simply trying to explain why they're wrong, explain your point of view and LISTEN to theirs. If آپ find آپ simply just cannot understand their views, یا that they will...
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Wonderful advert that talks about the perception of beauty being disorted.
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I loved the ویڈیوز that Sappp گیا کیا پوسٹ and i found another it's مزید like a conspiracy Theory spoof! lol Anyway enjoy.
مونگ پھلی کے تیل سے تیار کردہ مکھن, مونگ پھلی مکھن
conspiracy theory
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A topic for debate if I ever saw one. How will the world really end? ;o)
international relations