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posted by diehardromantic
عنوان - To Be یا Not?

When Kensi arrives for work, Deeks slips the plain manila folder on his desk, under another and chews on his pencil, his eyes following her as she rounds his desk.
Kensi: Everything okay?
Deeks: Hmmm.
He nods, but can still feel her eyes on him.
Deeks: Stop trying to read my mind.
He was still not looking at her.
Kensi: No, wouldn't want to do that.
She smiles, then sits down glancing his way. Deeks jumps on a call and makes a quick exit. Looking around her, Kensi slips over to Deeks ڈیسک and quickly finds the suspect file and returns to her desk, placing it into another and opens...
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posted by stellagirl1993
So, Kristin Dos Santos was asked the following Question:

Shane in Sacramento: Is there anything juicy coming up for Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) on NCIS: L.A.?

And she answered:

As a matter of fact there is! An insider tells us that NCIS: L.A. is currently filming an episode that has a major impact on the Kensi-Deeks partnership. Apparently, an unexpected moment causes Kensi to reevaluate what Deeks means to her. Ooh-la-la!


I'm excited!! :P
My personal favourite Deeks/Kensi moments during Archangel. So many good ones!
KENSI: آپ wouldn’t have even known there was a leak if Naval Intelligence hadn’t discovered it.
FBI SIDEKICK #1: Isn’t that an oxymoron?
KENSI: No. But there is a moron in all this. Several, in fact.
DEEKS: Oh, snap. Point; Kensi. FBI serves.
 I love Kensi's b!tch face when she's faced with a female FBI agent. :)
I love Kensi's b!tch face when she's faced with a female FBI agent. :)

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A فہرست I found on link. It summaries my reasons and feelings behind why I ship them, yayaya. It's definitely a must read, believe me, آپ won't regret it. :D

1. Sam and Callen have a serious bromance going on…Kensi and Callen would just get in the way of that.
2. I see Kensi/Callen and Kensi/Sam as مزید brother sister realationships (Sam’s the protective older brother, Callen the misunderstood middle child, and Kensi the little sister)
3. Marty Deeks is kind of adorable.
4. Kensi and Deeks remind me of Tiva….no one can get in the way of me and Tiva (except maybe Bones and Booth when Booth isn’t being a total douchbag) I mean did آپ not see them fall after a blast and have Kensi on سب, سب سے اوپر of Deeks…HELLO!! TIVA!!
5. They’re almost as hilarious as Sam and Callen
And that is the سب, سب سے اوپر 5 reasons why I’m officially shipping Densi…or Keeks.
From link.

If ever آپ wanted to believe that actors get along off screen the same way they do on it, Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen are your dream come true. “We Tweet a lot back and forth,” Ruah says. “Our banter in real life is similar to what’s on the screen, because we have that chemistry together.” To prove it, she pulls up a pic of the دن Olsen playfully put up traffic cones between their chairs on set.

Right now, Ruah says, this sibling-like teasing “is our real relationship. But it will be a lot مزید interesting for viewers if it does become romantic on the show....
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